Crazy for Cloth Diapers


To cloth or not to cloth?? That is the question most crunchy mamas to be ask themselves when they start the baby planning process.

Wether you choose all out cloth diapering, part time cloth diapering, organic/all natural disposables or regular disposables, it all comes down to one thing. What works best for your family and the time you have together. Because in the end, cloth diapering does take time (I feel like it doesn’t take much but other families may disagree).

We are crazy for cloth diapers in our house but people wouldnt really know it if they didn’t read this post. Sadly anytime I have ever talked about it, most people turn their noses up with an “eeeeewww” or “that’s gross” or “wow you have time for that” or my most favorite “what do you do when they start having human poop”. Um……..aren’t they humans from the beginning?

So im here to hopefully answer any questions the new mama may have and to reassure you that the “human” poop isn’t much worse than the baby poop.

In this 4 part series I will cover

1. The brand and style we love and use.

2. How much money will I save?

3. Our wash routine

4. How Eco friendly is cloth diapering?

Stay tuned for the down and dirty (well mine are clean) on cloth diapering.


Dry Brushing for Glowing Skin and so Much More

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Hey there blog world. This will be my second post!! I hope I’m not overwhelming you all with my gigantic amount of natural health and beauty knowledge!!! I also hope I didn’t totally terrify you out of trying Oil Pulling!!! … Continue reading

Oil Pulling (Yay or Nay?)

Have you heard of this trend? Well I have known about it for years now (don’t let that seem like I’ve been following directions for years though!!).

Oil pulling is an ancient remedy that uses certain oils (sesame, coconut, or olive) to cleanse and detoxify the mouth. Do you have any idea how nasty our mouths are?? Or how much nasty bacteria grows in there?? It’s pretty bad.

The concept consists of swishing oil in your mouth daily. Now don’t get excited like this is going to be an easy task!!! Or at least it’s not for me. First, you have to take time out of every morning for yourself. HA!!! It’s not even really that long because while you are swishing you can do other tasks (my favorite thing is multitasking!!). But it does require that you actually remember to do it which in turn means taking time for yourself (not my strongest suit with a toddler and a baby!!). After you have scooped a 1-2 teaspoon glob of your favorite oil, you slurp it up in your mouth and swish. Now keep in mind this is not easy either. Especially if you have a strong gag reflex. I don’t in normal circumstances but when I’m pregnant I literally can’t look at the jar of coconut oil without reliving my pre pregnancy oil pulling days and I start heaving!!

Now that the easy parts are over you continue swishing………wait for it………for up to 20 minutes. Yes 20 minutes. In my perfectly healthy and scheduled life I would tell you that I accomplish this task daily and during that 20 minutes, my children completely understand that Mommy is oil pulling and she can’t speak. Ha. Now back to reality……I’m lucky to make it 10 minutes before I forget that I have a sesspool of my bacteria swishing in my mouth and I yell “don’t put that in the toilet” or “don’t do that to the cat” or the usual “please don’t put that in your mouth (or other area). This usually leads to it pouring out of my mouth down my chin and staining my shirt. That leads me to my next invention “the oil pulling shirt”. I have one that I’ve designated for this task, but shockingly I forget to put it on ahead of time (that would require more time for myself in the morning!!).

After you have successfully accomplished your 20 minutes of swishing, your oil becomes hazardous waste (from all of the bacteria and toxins that it’s pulling from your mouth!!). Experts say to always spit it in the garbage and not your sink . I guess if you have a septic system the bacteria will mess with it (I don’t know how much I believe this so you do what you want).

After spitting out your hazardous waste 🙂 be sure to rinse your mouth out with warm water and the brush really well. Never swallow the oil after you’ve been swishing. Easier said then done if you have to yell at your toddler to stop locking the cat in the kitchen cupboard. Speaking of, I don’t know why I always tell him to stop since the cat actually enjoys it. Probably gives him a couple minutes of peace from the pint sized monster that we call his friend.

So there it is. That is what oil pulling looks like for me. Even though I don’t accomplish the full 20 minutes I still feel benefits from it. My teeth are always whiter when I get back into it and I never have to worry about my breath. I seriously feel like I just got a cleaning from the dentist every time I do it.

Now do I believe in the “cure” all benefits that others are claiming? Such as it cures plaque and gingivitis, detoxes your body and cures cavities? I don’t know for sure. But I look at it like I look at a lot of other natural healing practices……it doesn’t hurt to try………well normally……..I guess things like blood letting don’t apply to this theory of mine 🙂.

So what do all my friends in the blog world think about Oil Pulling? Yay or Nay? And do you Oil Pull? If so what are your experiences? I want the good the bad and the ugly. Obviously my experience is somewhere between bad and ugly yet I keep doing it!!

*There are some conflicting ideas that it’s not safe to oil pull while pregnant or nursing. I am currently nursing and do it with no issues.

*I use Trader Joe’s coconut oil. It’s the best price around!!