Crazy for Cloth Diapers


To cloth or not to cloth?? That is the question most crunchy mamas to be ask themselves when they start the baby planning process.

Wether you choose all out cloth diapering, part time cloth diapering, organic/all natural disposables or regular disposables, it all comes down to one thing. What works best for your family and the time you have together. Because in the end, cloth diapering does take time (I feel like it doesn’t take much but other families may disagree).

We are crazy for cloth diapers in our house but people wouldnt really know it if they didn’t read this post. Sadly anytime I have ever talked about it, most people turn their noses up with an “eeeeewww” or “that’s gross” or “wow you have time for that” or my most favorite “what do you do when they start having human poop”. Um……..aren’t they humans from the beginning?

So im here to hopefully answer any questions the new mama may have and to reassure you that the “human” poop isn’t much worse than the baby poop.

In this 4 part series I will cover

1. The brand and style we love and use.

2. How much money will I save?

3. Our wash routine

4. How Eco friendly is cloth diapering?

Stay tuned for the down and dirty (well mine are clean) on cloth diapering.


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