Our Organic (Mostly) Shopping List


I have been asked by a few friends to post what we buy and where we buy it. Our house is a funny one. My husband and oldest son have a dairy allergy so we don’t have dairy here. I also only eat meat about once or twice a year. So I am pretty much raising a vegan/occasionally meat eating household šŸ™‚

Everything that I am unable to grow myself or bring in from a farm, I try to buy organically or at least non-gmo.

I am really working on heading in the direction of low/zero waste living so I’m also trying to keep the packaging that we bring into our house at a minimum (we are no where near perfect with this but I am trying hard!!). Have you seen this website http://www.zerowastehome.com? Her kitchen, well who am I kidding?? HER ENTIRE HOUSE makes me smile. I have a different decorating style, but boy do I love her organization. The level of minimalization makes my heart skip a beat!!

Did I just get off track??!!

So I went through my cupboards, fridge and freezers and made a list of what they consisted of. A lot of our food is home grown and frozen or canned. We get our meat from close family friends and are so lucky to know exactly how the cows are raised, cared for and what they are fed. My husband is also a hunter and fisherman so any of our fish that we eat is directly from that or the one exeption of the salmon that I buy (very rarely).

We buy our food from Trader Joe’s and Costco. I love heading to our local farmer’s market in the summer but to be honest I grow most of what I can get there in my garden and its downtown so its not the easiest to navigate with two kiddos!!

Later I will do a post on how I prepare certain things like our nut butters, and other stuff that you would normally just buy pre-made. Im so excited to get into milling our own grain soon so I will be updating this down the road with a post on that as well.

I wash all of my produce as soon as I get home. I fill the sink with water and a few drops of Basic H2 Super Concentrate Cleaner. I toss all my fruit and veggies in the sink and then do a quick rinse on them and let them air out. This is with the exception of raspberries.

Dry foods list
Brown rice
sunflower seeds
sesame seeds
black beans
chia seeds
hemp seeds
nutritional yeast
shredded coconut
enjoy life chocolate chips

Pantry list
Organic non-GMO corn chips
barbecue sauce
nori wraps
rice papers
canned black beans
Canned kidney beans
canned wild Alaskan salmon (rarely)

Baking kit
Baking cocoa
baking soda
baking powder
brown sugar
white sugar
Coconut flour

Fridge list
coconut milk (so delicious)
course ground, Dijon, and regular mustard
apple cider vinegar
Tobey’s cream cheese
Tobey’s sour cream
Dayia shredded cheese
Earth balance butter
vegan ranch
homemade Parmesan
salad greens from Cosco unless it’s garden season
citrus fruits including lemons
barbecue sauce
Bragg’s liquid amino’s
miso paste
bread – Dave’s killer or Eziliel
Ezikiel tortilla wraps
Ezikiel English muffins
eggs free range organic from Cosco
moms homemade elderberry jam
Yum sauce
Frank’s red hot

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