The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist


It’s that time again….Spring Cleaning time!!!!

Even though I clean my house regularly, every year I go through the whole house like a crazy person and clean and organize EVERYTHING!!!

And then, somehow after a year (or less) it looks like I never did anything at all, so I have to do it all over again.

I use a spring cleaning schedule to make sure I get everything done. I always try to do my cleaning and organizing as part of my Lenten Promise. Then I have a clean house before Easter and I can relax and enjoy my summer knowing that everything is all clean. So here it is folks!!
Spring Cleaning Checklist

~Dust walls, corners and ceilings
~Wash all baseboards, door jams, window sills, doors and walls
~Wash ceiling fans and vents
~Wash all windows both inside and out
~Dust and wash blinds or curtains
~Clean television screens
~Wash kitchen cabinets both inside and out
~Deep clean your refrigerator and freezer
~Deep clean your dishwasher
~Deep clean your oven
~Deep clean your microwave (if you have one…I don’t use one)
~Wash behind your refrigerator, stove and all backsplashes
~Deep clean all bathrooms
~Organize master bath drawers and cabinets
~Wash/Buy a new shower curtain
~Touch up all walls with paint
~Touch up and hardwood with furniture marker and clay stick
~Touch up all furniture with furniture maker and paint
~Wash all mirrors
~Shampoo carpet
~Shampoo the couch
~Flip the mattresses
~Vacuum/Wash all lamp shades
~Dust/Wash everything including all frames and wall hangings
~Go through/Organize every drawer and closet in the house
~Go through/Organize every room
~Go through/Organize basement
~Go through/Organize garage
~Disinfect all door knobs and handles
~Make a garage sale/goodwill/trash piles
~Power wash outside of house
~Sweep and wash front porch
~Touch up patio furniture with black spray paint
~Make a landscape to so list
~Make a summer project to do list
~Get kids summer clothes organized

Getting started with this is the hardest part but after I am done I feel great. I am only going to do little at a time but I will get it done. (I really NEED to!!!)
Please join me in spring cleaning. How do you do spring cleaning? Do you have a checklist?

I will keep you updated on my progress!

Get started and good luck!!!

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