Fresh Food For Baby

Yes you read it right. FRESH food for baby!!

As you know by now I am on my second baby. So most things aren’t new to me, feeding being one if them.

But it is a subject that can be hymned and hawed over for hours along with any other mommy war out there.

To make your baby’s food or not to. To practice baby led weaning or not to. To start solids at 4 months? 6 months? Later?

In this post I will be going over what we do in our home. It’s probably totally different from how my neighbor did it. It’s completely different from how my best friend does it. It may be the exact way that you do it. Or not!! All that really matters is that our babies are being fed and I would love to share how we feed ours.

Mr. Precious (our 2 year old) suffered from sever silent reflux for the first year of his life and struggled with digestive issues for a year after that. To say we had eating troubles was an understatement.

We started solids with him incredibly slow and yet his tiny tummy still couldn’t handle the difficulties of digestion. We even had to eliminate solids for an entire month from 10-11 months just to re-evaluate and let him only have to process breast milk for a while.

This entire experience with solids was kind of traumatizing and didn’t leave me excited about starting solids with my next baby.

Then along comes Mr. Blue Eyes. My sweet, kind eyed, little angel who (ahem, knock on wood) still hasn’t had any tummy or reflux issues.

I was still hesitant and even planned on waiting longer than 6 months to start solids (his pediatrician even agreed it would be fine). But this sweet chubby baby had shown nothing but interest, scratch that, LONGING for every bite that I put in my mouth since he could see two feet away!! He would lick and smack his little cherub lips and paw at my plate (yes I hold him at the dinner table, who am I kidding I hold him everywhere!!).

So on Valentine’s Day, a little after his 6 month birthday we gave him his first food, avocado. He was in HEAVEN and also knew exactly what he was doing. He chewed when he thought he should be chewing and would reach for his spoon if I was going to slow…….sigh………gosh I love that baby boy……..ok back on track!!

Well now we are in the midst of solid training. It’s a perfect time to share with you what we do. It’s really the most simple thing in the world, oh and even better…….it costs no extra money!!

In this demonstration I took frozen organic peas, blended them in my vitamix (god’s gift to my kitchen) and froze individual little ice cubes of peas.




When it’s time for dinner I take out one little cube of puree and let it thaw. After its thawed I sit it in a glass bowl in another bowl with scalding hot water in the bottom. This warms it slowy without having to micro wave it and kill all the nutrients.

So there ya have it. Pretty simple right. Above I refered to this as solids training. That is because I will do this process only once with peas and a bunch of other veggies. When we are done with these little cubes of purée we jump right in to baby led weaning (I will do another post on that).

How about you Mamas and Papas? Do you make your own baby food? Practice Baby Led Weaning? Have another form of food introduction that you use? I would love to hear about it!!

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