Spring Garlic Planting

image image

I took advantage of the little slice of sunshine that we had today and got some garlic bulbs in the ground.

Here is the story on these bulbs. My client has garlic coming out her ears. So she gave me a little bag full and said to just throw them in some dirt (that’s what she did) and wait and we will be plentiful with garlic. This would be awesome since we consume like 20 lbs of garlic…..a month in our house!! Ok maybe not that much but we eat a lot of it. I totally procrastinated on planting garlic in the fall (maybe because I had just given birth?). How dare I not have garlic on the brain enough to plant!!

So I’m excited to try her incredibly in depth method (insert sarcasm) and also have garlic coming out my ears!!

Luckily my garden plan pro app allowed for 21 cloves to be planted in the space I chose  and she gave me 20 exactly!!

I will keep you all posted on how they do.

Do you all plant garlic? If so what is your method? What is your yield?


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