First Harvest of the Spring!!


This will be a short post tonight but I just wanted to share a picture of our first Harvest of the spring. A bundle of “firecracker” radishes that I pulled out of the earth just 5 weeks after planting their seeds.

There is something special about the first harvest, no matter how small. The smell, the feel of the soil on my fingers, the pride and gratitude. It’s one of the most rewarding and therapeutic things that I experience each year.

This is one of the many reasons I’m writing this blog. I want this feeling for others. For you, your sister, your neighbor, your children.

You can do this!! You can have this tiny bundle of radishes!! Even in your apartment!!

Now get out there and create/nourish/love/grow something to harvest!!

Tropical Green Protein Smoothie


Makes 1 serving
2 scoops Vanilla Shaklee 180® Energizing Smoothee Protein Mix

1 cup frozen chopped greens such as collards, kale, or spinach

1/2 cup frozen pineapple

1/2 cup frozen ripe banana

1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond or coconut milk

Stevia to taste

389 calories, 54 g carbs, 26 g protein, 9 g fat, 15 g fiber, 0 mg cholesterol, 655 mg sodium

Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth


Peace…have a healthy day!

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The Shaklee 5 Day Re-Set Challenge




The Shaklee 180 Kick Start is a 5 day detox designed to reboot your body.

It rejuvenates, energizes and removes the toxic junk from your body. It gives you a kick start to clean eating and/or losing fat.

Reset your cravings, feel energized and maybe even lose a few pounds without going hungry, workouts or cooking.

It is natural, safe and it works.

I am personally a big fan of cleaning out once in a while. No one is perfect so this is a great time to start fresh!

The Shaklee 180 Kick Start Detox helps my body let go of the junk it wants to hold on to.

It is super easy to follow!


If this sounds great to you so far, this is what you will be doing!!



To join us, you will need the following products:


liver dtx*


180 smoothee*

180 snack bar*

herb lax*

raw veggies

organic lemons for your water

* Indicates a Shaklee product. This detox is specific for Shaklee products.

Protein Packed Oatmeal



Need a little extra protein in the morning? I know I do!!!

Here’s my trick….I just add in a little strawberry protein powder to my oatmeal and this makes a protein packed delicious breakfast!!!

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Children’s Wellness Program


Because children sometimes are inconsistent in their consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, this poses a particular challenge for parents. This is because certain nutrients are absolutely essential for not only prevention of colds and viruses, but also increasingly necessary for proper brain development and learning ability. Therefore, experts recommend supplements with several nutrients that are too critical to be left to chance.

The following represents a basic nutrition program for maintaining and building health in children it also provides nutritional insurance for those days when our schedule does not allow for three balanced meals.
Incredivites for Children – Chewable

The first chewable multivitamin in the U.S. to contain lactoferrin, which supports a healthy immune system in kids. Formulated with 23 essential vitamins and minerals. No added artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Gluten free.
CitriBoost Dietary Supplemtent Powder

Contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals plus acidophilus to slip into orange juice or morning protein shakes for children and adults who have difficulty swallowing tablets… has more calcium and Vitamin D than 8 ounces of milk.

Meal Shakes

A smart choice for meals-on-the-go, between meal snacks, beverages, or for extra nutritional insurance any time of day.

Because it is a complete meal, it is particularly important for finicky eaters.

Unlike similar meal replacement products found in grocery stores, Meal Shakes contain no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavorings.

A creamy, delicious shake that children love (and you will too at only 230 calories).

Mighty Smarts – DHA Chews.

Scientifically formulated with a power-packed blast of 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA.

Essential brain-supporting nutrient, DHA has been show to support memory, concentration,mind skills, promotes healthy eyes, and vision – without the fishy taste!

Chewable Vita-C, 100 mg.

Essential to build healthy white blood cells to prevent viruses, ear infections, colds, etc., that are depleted by fatigue, anxiety, pollution and extremes in temperature and humidity. Increases resistance to ligament and tendon injury..


The following nutrients are particularly effective for children who may be susceptible to viruses, colds and ear infections.

Optiflora Pre and Probiotic Complex

Probiotics are especially important for a child who has ever been on an antibiotic or steroid-based medications (common with asthma). These medications kill off much of these essential “friendly microbes” that live in the lower intestine.

Without adequate amounts of these microbes, research now shows the body is more susceptible to infection (especially sinus and upper respiratory ) because 70% of the immune system resides in the intestines.

Optiflora is virtually the only acidophilus/bifidus product that guarantees delivery of 500,000 live microorganisms to the intestines, without being destroyed by the highly acidic environment of the stomach. It restores the natural balance that must exist in the lower intestines to choke out the cancer-causing bacteria as well as Candida yeast overgrowths.

None of the products available at health food stores guarantee live delivery of microflora to the intestine. Tests show that many of them do not make it live to your door, much less to your colon. 90% of the microflora alive in these products at the time of manufacture are killed off long before they reach the intestine.
Alfalfa Complex

Easily crushed and slipped into juice in a sippy cup. This ancient herb has been found to be a natural antibiotic; increases white blood cells, lowers blood glucose in diabetics, blood cleanser, and traps heavy metals. Traditionally used for congestion, asthma, sinusitis, allergies, colds, flu, sore throats, etc. Treatment for colic when breast-feeding.
Premium Garlic Complex

Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, natural antibiotic; increases white blood cells, lowers blood glucose in diabetics, blood cleanser, traps heavy metals. Traditionally used for congestion, asthma, sinusitis, allergies, colds, flu, sore throats, etc. Treatment for colic when breast-feeding. Can be crushed and served over bread, crackers or rice.
Performance Fluid Replacement Drink Mxi

Orange or Lemon Lime flavored. Designed for athletic rehydration, this delicious powdered drink mix is excellent to give to children during hot summer days to avoid dehydrating from heat and when vomiting or diarrhea threatens to cause dehydration.


The Shaklee Difference

It is comforting for parents to know that all Shaklee products are made to such high standards that Shaklee’s Good Manufacturing Practices are far more strict than those recommended by the government.

Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company and is known for its 50-year commitment to science, purity of its ingredients .. and especially its superior absorption and potency as proven by clinical studies.

When you buy Shaklee, you buy the best for your family.

The best and most affordable health insurance is a diet based on 6 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and a basic supplementation program combined with regular exercise… and lots of love and laughter.

Information from Lagoni Health Associates



Chocolate Coconut Protein Smoothie


Makes 1 serving
2 scoops of Chocolate Shaklee 180®Energizing Smoothee Protein Mix

8 oz. almond milk

1/2 tsp. coconut extract

Ice (as needed)

Calories: 260, 24 g protein, 29 g carbohydrates, 3 g fat*, 6 g fiber

Mix all ingredients together in a blend and mix until frothy. Enjoy!
Peace…have a healthy day!

To order Shaklee 180 mix head to

Home Made Almond Butter


In our family, consumption of nut butters is quite high. Not only on sandwiches but in plenty of home made baked goods and granola bars and even used in savory dishes. The issue with this is that it can get expensive. So what is a frugal homesteader to do? Well, get out my favorite kitchen tool and make my own if course!! Favorite tool being my pride and joy……The Vitamix  (swoon).

I order our raw organic almonds on bulk from Azure Standard. Have you ever ordered from them? They are awesome. You place an order for bulk items (most being organic) online and there are different drop points. I have a drop point right down the road from us!! I go and pick up my order once a month and have made some pretty awesome friends in the process!! I’ve also eliminated my Costco need 🙂 This is awesome because we always found extras that we needed at Costco so we are saving money!!

Wow back to the almond butter!! Sorry for trailing off!!

Ok here is the ingredient list……drum roll please…………..

1. Raw Organic Almonds


Thats it….well you need a high powered blender to pulverize it into butter but I figured that is to be expected. Now I would like you to head into your pantry and pull out the old Jiff or Skippy or whatever kind of peanut butter that you have laying around and list the ingredients off. How many is there? Bonus points if you can pronounce them all!!

So now that I have you fully on board with this lets make sure the process of making it isn’t too hard. Here are the steps to make my amazing home made almond butter……….

1. Pour Almonds in the blender

2. Press start button and choose speed

3. Use wand/tamper thingy to swish stuff around

4. Wait 2-3 minutes while it blends


Thats it!! Oh we’re you waiting for more instructions? No really, that’s it!!

Now my Vitamix makes the butter warm so I normally scoop it all out into my glass container and let it sit on the counter for a while to cool. There is nothing more yummy than warm fresh almond butter on freshly baked bread!!

And how awesome is it that it only has one ingredient? I don’t bat an eye at putting it on everything for my kids. Healthy fats and protein without added sugar or chemicals.

I make a batch once a week on Mondays when I do my Bread/Beans/Rice batch cooking.

So fellow homesteaders, do you make your own almond butter? If so do you add extra ingredients or have a different way of preparing? We would love to hear all about it!!

Gardening With Babies and Toddlers


Kids love to be involved in everything we do (well my kids do anyway!!). This includes gardening of course!!

My first year of gardening with a toddler was a nightmare. He was a year old and into EVERYTHING!!

Of course I wanted him out in the garden with me. Hands in the dirt. Learning about healthy food that we created. That was how I was raised and it was lovely. This was the golden vision that I had in my mind.

Instead I had a toddler eating dirt (and I don’t mean in healthy amounts), pulling up plants that I just planted, screaming the second I left his side, and me,essentially not being productive in any way. Not quite that golden vision that I had in my mind.

So last year I vowed to make it easier. We were going to enjoy gardening and I was going to get stuff done!!

The first thing we did was make him his own bed. This was officially Mr. Precious’s garden box and he could plant and do whatever he wanted in it. We took this same approach early on with cupboards in our house and have never had an issue with him getting into the cupboards!! He has his own that he keeps his “cooking” stuff in and he sticks to that. So he liked this idea of his own box from the beginning. He grew carrots, and radishes in his box (at least that is what survived). There weren’t many because he enjoyed “tilling” the soil more than patiently waiting for the veggies to grow. But that didn’t matter. What mattered most was that he was outside!! Digging, learning, and growing in the garden. Just like I had always envisioned.

The second thing we did was get him his own garden tools. He now has more than I do!! He especially loves his lawn mower. Something that he affectionately calls his Babalo. Don’t ask me why. We have never figured out how he got Babalo from lawn mower but I will soak up every second that he calls it that. I’m sure a lot of people will cringe that I don’t correct it but I will miss it so much someday!!

This year is a little different. We took over his garden bed and have our onions and garlic in it. He is totally fine with this because our garlic is growing like crazy and he thinks it’s really cool.

We have given him his own wooden pot to grow  perennial flowers in and we are moving our strawberries to an “official” patch. Our mini homestead is constantly growing so he will always have new things to work with.

This year is also different because we have another baby. Mr. Blue Eyes is incredibly adventurous and wants to be down in the dirt (literally) doing everything his big brother is doing. This is a problem because it means he refuses to sit in anything that confines him for longer than 5 minutes. He is crawling now too so that means I can’t just put him on a blanket in the grass. He is off the blanket and eating handfuls of weeds in a matter of seconds (why do my kids like eating the outdoors so much?).

So I do what I do with everything else. I either carry him or I babywear him in the Ergo. We babywear a lot in this house so he is comfortable with this. I don’t know how much longer we will last before he wants to be on the ground!!

image image

In the end we will adapt. That’s what parenthood is all about isn’t it? There is something beautiful about the learning process of raising children.

I look forward to sharing more of our learning process with toddlers and babies in the garden, this summer!!

So how about you?? Do you let your Babies garden with you? If so do you have any tips to share??

Thanks and have a Great Day!!


Photo Credit Curtosy of Babble

Living Simple and Minimal with a Baby


If you are a new Mama to be then you are probably scouring the Internet for lists of items that you will need in the up and coming months. I remember the exciting days of picking products and researching to my heart’s content about safety, toxins and most importantly, if I really needed them.

Whaaaat??? You might ask!! Of course you will need ALL of those products. Wipe warmers and pacifier sterilizers are a must!!

Well if that was you asking that I hate to say it but I disagree.

I grew up in a house with a pack rat parent (ahem….you know who you are Dad!!). Fortunately so did my husband. Why is that fortunate for me? Well because my husband shares my philosophy on all things stuff and clutter.

When we (ah who am I kidding), when I was planning the nursery it was very important that it was clean and clutter free. I remember the days when all of my friends had babies and their house was packed full of baby stuff from one end to another. I felt cramped and to be honest I wonderd if they really needed half of the stuff they had.

So along came registering time. THANK THE LORD for my BFF Erica. Not only have I had the amazing pleasure of being pregnant with her both times (yes we planned our pregnancies together…..go ahead….make fun), but we headed out to Target and did our registries together as well.

Now Erica already had a 5-year-old at this time so she knew the ropes. She also is an anti-clutter freak just like me!! We went up and down the isles and she confirmed my suspicions. I didn’t need 3/4 of what was on the list of things that Target and everyone else told me I needed.

I’m so grateful I had her. Believe me when it’s your first baby, it still looks like a gigantic pile of stuff but when it’s all put away in its place it feels lovely.

Our nursery has remained cramped and clutter free over the last 3 years and we’ve even added another baby to it!!

So here is my simple list of must have baby items. Yours may be different I’m sure but if you’re a new Mama and also a minimalist this will help you out.

Keep in mind that I had summer babies. Obviously you will have to alter this a bit if your baby is born in winter. Also keep in mind that I breastfeed/practice baby led weaning/co-sleep/baby wear my babies. If you are against any of this then you will also have to fill in the gaps. We received a crib for a gift and its a beautiful addition to the nursery but rarely gets used so I won’t be adding that to the list as “Needed” items.


1. Boppy pillow – I feel as though the Boppy pillow is only needed for first-time moms. I never used it with my second however it is amazing at helping you figure out breast-feeding positions. It also helps baby when they’re learning to sit up so they don’t topple over easily.

2. Bouncy Seat – there are many kinds of bouncy seats out there. I recommend anything that bounces and can strap them down for a second if you need to step away.

3. Recieving blankets – my favorite are Aden and Anias. They are lightweight cool cotton that hugs your baby tightly but doesn’t overheat them. This was a must for having two summer babies.

4. Stainless steel sippy cups and snack containers – I try to avoid plastic in every aspect of our life and stainless steel containers are amazing!! I am also searching for glass containers as we speak. I have found a few lids that fit pint size mason jars. I will let you know what I think!!

5. Cloth diapers – We use Bum Genius Freetimes  – Read my posts on cloth diapering –

6. Sophie the Giraffe – my poor husband searched high and low for Sophie the giraffe. For some reason in our city they were always out. He finally broke down and bought the mini Sophie which has done is just fine for our boys.

7. Amber teething necklaces – my boys seem have the worst teething experiences so in our case I don’t really know how well Teething necklaces have worked. I have countless friends who swear by them. I still purchase them, they still wear them and they still look adorable in them!!

8. Coconut Oil – this is a win win for us because we already have coconut oil and use it for just about everything!! Have your ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? When her dad uses Windex on everything including zits? That’s us with coconut oil, well and Basic H. Coconut oil can be used for nipple cream, diaper rash, cradle cap, newborn dry scaly skin and the list goes on. Hmmmmm maybe I should make a list and post it!!

9. Breast pads – I know that I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for not doing naturale and using the reusable pads but I had a lot of bad luck with reusable pads so I stick to disposable ones

10. The Rock N’ Play Sleeper – and this is only a must-have for parents with reflux babies. If my little guys didn’t have reflux I would have omitted the rock and play sleeper, however it was a lifesaver for us and keeping them upright.

11. Shaklee laundry soap

12. Basic H – for bathing

13. car seat

14. onesies

U15. Ergo Carrier

16. Natural Teethers

17. 2 heavier baby blankets

18. Get Clean Kit – for safe non-toxic cleaning (basic h and laundry soap are included).

19. A high chair that attaches to your kitchen table or chairs – this isn’t the model that we have but I wanted to show you and example. I LOVE that we don’t have a giant ass bulky high chair that takes up half of our kitchen. We hold our babies while we eat for some time and then they use this for a short time before moving to a booster. My oldest didn’t last long in it because he wanted to just sit in the chair and we were fine with that.

So there ya go. Of course there are other little things like baby toys, books and family herlooms. I just wasted to give you a minimal and simple list that can get you through the baby stage. To be honest my babies were not fond of baby toys in general and played with their Sophie and wooden spoons and stuff like that.

Hey experienced mamas!! What were your simple must haves that you couldn’t live without for your baby?




A delightful way to build your good health!


3 tangerines, peeled,
2 kiwis, peeled and halved,
1 grapefruit, peeled and halved,
1 tablespoon dried goji berries,
1 cup water,
1 cup ice cubes

Keep in mind that I own a vitamix and normally use that. I made this recipe at a friend’s house and she has a Ninja.


Place the Top Blades in the Pitcher and add all of the ingredients in the order listed.*
Select Speed 1 and flip the switch to START. Slowly increase to Speed 8 and blend until smooth.
Nutrition Facts

1 serving: Calories 133; Fat 1g; Cholesterol 0mg; Sodium 5mg; Carbohydrate 33g; Fiber 5g; Protein 2g
*If your UltimaTM has preset speeds, follow the first step and then do the following: PULSE 3 times. Set to HIGH and flip the switch to START. Blend for 45 seconds until smooth.
This drink has many health benefits:

cell defense
system purifies
metabolism defense
immune suport
muscle & bone builders

image image image image image image