Cleaning Green can save you Green!

Everyone knows that the economy is tough these days. It is becoming harder to cut monthly costs. I came up with some easy, economically friendly cleaning tips to help you save money!

Buy in concentrate

When you purchase cleaning solutions, detergents or juices in concentrate, you’ll save cash with each purchase. Manufacturers spend less money on packaging and shipping waterless concentrate formulas and pass the savings onto you! I personally love and use Shaklee’s Get Clean Products. You’d have to spend more than $3,400 to get the same amount of clean found in the Get Clean Starter Kit!

Use more “All-Purpose” cleaners

Instead of using a variety of cleaners for specific job, use an all-purpose cleaner for most of your cleaning jobs, and keep only a few specialty cleaners on hand for specific problems like mineral deposits or heavy soap scum. I personally use an organic, concentrated, all purposed cleaner called Basic H2. (click HERE to read more about it and see it’s uses)

Make your own cleaners

You can use vinegar and water for glass and mirrors, sprinkle baking soda on carpets to freshen them, use rubbing alcohol as a gunk remover.

Use cloths instead of paper towels

Reusable is both budget and environmentally friendly. Save paper towels for quick pick ups and use cleaning cloths for your heavy duty cleaning. I love microfiber cleaning cloths. Cleaning cloths start out more expensive than paper towels, but are money savers in the long haul.

Save on Energy Costs

Sweep instead of vacuuming. You may not be able to sweep everytime, but if you rate sweeping with vacuuming, you’ll save money on electricity. If you do use a vacuum, try using a bag less vacuum to save money on bags. (This tips is hard for me because I love my dyson.)

Use Pump Sprays instead of Aerosols

Not only are many aerosol sprays terrible for the environment, they are also bad for your budget. Aerosols work by suspending liquid in air, creating a fine mist as you spray. This means that half the can is air. Plus, if the sprayer breaks, you can’t use the rest of the bottle.

Get the most out of your Dishwasher

Fill it to the brim! If you rinse your dishes before loading them, you’ll need less detergent per load. Or, don’t rinse at ALL, like me. I use THIS detergent and I never pre-rinse!!!

Clean your Refrigerator Coils and Dryer Vents

Once or twice a year is all it takes to help make these appliances run more efficiently on less electricity.

I hope this tips help save you money!

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