June Garden Tour 2015

Homesteading Friends!! I am in the brink of some harvests so I have to give you a peek and my June garden.

You can check out my Spring Garden Tour here. The change is amazing!

We are having so much fun this year. Not just with the garden but with watching our oldest son learn and eat our hard work right off the bush….or off the vine…..or out of the patch….or bed!!

Our peas are already almost completely over the trellis and Mr. Precious LOVES to ride his 4-wheeler under it and eat snap peas for hours.

Speaking of his 4-wheeler……I have one lonely blueberry bush left after he took out the other 3 one day when backing up and not paying attention. I am so upset. This is the first year that we have some good fruit on each one. Of course none of it was ripe yet on the bushes he took out. So guess what…….I’ve decided I’m not going to be very frugal or “homesteady”. I’m going to drop some cash at the end of summer and buy big blueberry and raspberry bushes since I’m sick of waiting for them to mature!!

So there ya have it friends. Enjoy and as usual of you have any pointers at all please feel free to comment!! I am only 3 years in so I have a lot to learn!!

Starting off….here are the Red, Gold, and Russet Potaotes. I’m still waiting for my hubby to build me a giant potatoes box. As soon as that happens (hopefully in the next couple months) I plan on planting a bunch more and doing sweet potatoes in these tubs. I’m going to attempt to grow potatoes year round!!

image image

As we walk into the garden you see the first trellis. That is zucchini that is growing up that and I have already stole some babies off of it and they were delish!! There is also cabbage and corn in this bed. I know the corn looks silly and I only have 6 plants. I always fail with corn so I’m pretty much just growing it to decorate with the leaves in the fall :). I’ve also decided to find a place in the ground to plant my fall cabbage because HELLO!! It takes up the entire freaking bed!!


The next bed over are 4 tomatoes, yellow squash, green beans and basil. I’m so sad. I am a basil fanatic and I grew it from seed in this bed. It is taking FOR. EV. ER. To grow to my basil fanatic needs. I literally planned for 2 big rows of giant basil plants. I make a to-die for vegan pesto and planned on making it weekly for the freezer and having it all winter long. I think this will be another homesteading fail. I will probably sneak to Trader Joe’s one day and buy 10 of their big kitchen basil plants!!


The next bed is what I call our salsa bed!! Is has 11 pepper plants, I gigantic tomatillo, 4 eggplant and more basil!! Yes I realize eggplant and basil don’t go in salsa.


Next bed is kind of sad right now. See those little shoots in the front? That is my spinach!! I have no idea what I did wrong but has never been good and then quickly went to seed. I’m going to pull it up in the next few days and find something else to put there. This is my salad bed. Normally I do well with greens but this year my spinach needs to be added to my fail list!! The rest is red and green lettuce and purple and green kale. Oh and how can you miss the peas!! I am in love with my peas this year!! Last year we obviously didn’t do well since they only climbed half way up the trellis. I can’t wait for the cucumber to meet them in the middle on the other side and have a shade tunnel for my little guy to ride his 4-wheeler under!!


This crazy bed has taught me a lesson or two this year. It is broccoli, cauliflower and that Forrest in the back is dill!! I am going to try fall broccoli in the ground as well because again…..what a huge waste of bed space.  I am also harvesting the dill today and can’t wait to make pickles with it!!


Sigh……I wish you could see this bed better. It is probably the most pretty bed out there. It’s my root vegetable bed and it has already been so abundant in yield. We eat beet greens in our smoothies daily and carrots are munched on while we water. I just thinned the beets last night and can’t wait to do a harvest post!! Along with carrots and beets this bed has turnips and parsnips.


This is probably one of my husband’s favorite beds. He is an onion fanatic and there are red and white onions and garlic here. He gets very impatient with onions and how long they take. I may not even bother doing them from seed next year so I don’t have to listen to the constant whining!!


Ahhh I love this view. Can’t wait for the tunnels to be complete!!


My lone blueberry bush ;( My child is lucky I love him so much!!image

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