Harvest Day On the Homestead

Its been incredibly busy around here these last couple months. I’m really bummed because I wanted to keep track of our yield this year by weighing everything we harvested. Unfortunately between a kid and a puppy who eat about 5 lbs of food each day straight out of the ground and constantly forcing plentiful baskets on friends, I could never get around to weighing everything. Luckily I almost always can get a good picture if it’s a giant picking of veggies!!

So here is some Garden Porn for you. All the lovely harvest photos that I have been able to capture the last month but have been too busy to post. I hope you enjoy and please share your beautiful pictures too!!


Yes I am as excited as I look in this picture from today!! I cannot tell you how many carrots and beets we have already picked and how many we have left in the ground!! Check out the next photo of another armful from today as well!!


This is another picture from today as well. Overnight my zucchini grew from baby to almost too big in size!!


I harvested my forest of dill and am attempting to save the seeds!! Don’t worry I will do a post on it if it’s a success!! Here are some gorgeous flowers that I set out to dry.


And this is a 4 gallon bucket full of lettuce and greens!! Yes 4 gallon bucket full to the brim after just one day of leafy green harvest. Thank goodness my brother-in-law loves salad because I sent this entire thing home with him!!


Oh and did I say we are abundant in carrots??

imageimageimageOh and BEETS!!


And last but not least we have peas coming out our ears. I promise I will take more pictures of our amazing peas and my beautiful pea trellis. We have been so lucky this year already with them and then my puppy went in and massacred them by pulling half of them out by their roots!!


That’s all for today friends!! Please share some of your homestead pictures!! I would love to see how your hard work is paying off!!

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