Pomegranate and Mint Tea


This Mama has a secret!! 🙂


Do you want to hear it???

People always say that wish they can buy my energy from me and now you can.

This is my favorite energy booster EVER and this is my new favorite recipe!

Pomegranate and Mint Tea

1 quart of purified water (you can use an RO system or this filter)

1 stick of Shaklee 180 Pomegranate Tea (LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.- I take this daily!!!!)

1 packet or a small sprinkle of stevia (I buy the Trader Joe’s brand)

Fresh mint leaves (to taste)

Ice (optional)

Stir with a straw and enjoy!!

I have one quart with breakfast and one around 2/3:00 for an extra kick!

What is your drink of choice?

To order the Shaklee Pomogtanate Tea head over here http://emilysutten.myshaklee.com/us/en/shop/healthyweight/shaklee180energizingtea/product-_p_shaklee-180_supsup-energizing-teap

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