Freezing Peppers


Alrighty folks!! I’m sure that you have heard (or read) my excitement on Facebook about the abundance of bell peppers we have this year!! It so exciting. We also have tons of sweet peppers, seranos, and jalapeños!! We are making and a canning salsa (stay tuned for a salsa post!!) but still can’t keep up!! So I’ve began freezing them. Much like you would freeze berries or peas on a cookie sheet!!

image         imageAbove I have sliced the bell peppers into slices (fajita style), spread them on a cookie sheet and popped them in the freezer.

imageHere are some beautiful sweet peppers that a cut smaller. These went in the freezer too!!

imageAbout 30 minutes later I pull out hard little pepper slices that are all separated. See in the picture above that nothing has changed about them. They aren’t stuck together or wilted or browned. They are frozen in their perfect state!!

I then scoop them out and put them in freezer bags. How cool is it that all winter I will be able to grab a handful of beautiful organic bell peppers for fajitas, chili, enchiladas or anything!!


It’s a little embarrassing to admit but I really actually hurt myself doing this. Below is a picture of me in the beginning process of cutting up about 5 pounds of peppers. My husband couldn’t resist because one stuck to me after unloading them on the counter. Notice the happy smile………..about 20 minutes later it turned to a frown when I realized I wasn’t cutting sweet peppers, they were hot!! I was literally awake all night with horrible pain in my hands. Peppers ar no joke folks!! Wear your gloves!!


My husband is in big trouble for calling me a wuss and then taking a bite out of one and telling me how hot it was!!

So there you go Peeps!! How do you preserve your peppers!!??

Happy Sunday,


How To Make Your Kitchen Sink Sparkle


I don’t know about you, but I hate having a dirty sink!

I am not saying that mine doesn’t get gross because it does but I try to clean it about once a week.

Although I like a shiney sink, I do not like putting a lot of time into cleaning it! That is way I love my Heavy Duty Scour Off. It cleans my kitchen sink in only a couple of minutes even when I leave my cast iron pan in the sink and it leaves rust rings.

Here is a before picture.


Here is a rust ring.


Here is my Scour Off.


All I do to clean my sink is….. put this paste on a sponge or wash cloth and rub down my sink. Then I rinse it off.

That’s IT!!!!

So easy!!!!!

To give it that brand new look, I also wipe off the excess water with my microfiber cloth to dry the sink.


Here are some afters.


Cleaning my sink is one of my easiest kitchen chores and it makes a huge difference.

I always feel like my whole kitchen is clean when my sink is shinning, plus this stuff is totally safe, chemical free and smells great!

It also makes a great way to start my week. Isn’t it funny that this kind of stuff helps me get through the week?

I can think better when the house is clean. lol! I swear I am not OCD! I just like a clean sink. Don’t you?


I hope this is helpful to you!

Happy Cleaning,


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10 Ways to Green Up Your Life


1. Start by replacing a bunch of your cleaners (your general spray cleaner, glass cleaner, counter top cleaner, floor and bathroom cleaners) with a natural, nontoxic all-purpose cleaner.This one product can replace almost everything….. Really! Basic H2
2. Replace your laundry detergent with a natural nontoxic one so the clothes you wear and the sheets you sleep on have no fumes for you to breathe. Laundry Concentrate is my favorite!!

3. Go to your bathroom and read the shampoo, makeup and moisturizer labels. Ask yourself, “Do I really need scent in these products?”

Take stock of all of your other products and try to replace one a week with a safer, greener choice. Enfuselle and Pro Sante have cleaned up our shower immensely!!

4. Use BPA-free plastic baby bottles and fill them with breast milk or organic formula.

Choose powdered formula over canned formula to avoid BPA leaching from the can-lining.

5. Pay attention (without freaking out) to the toys you buy for your kids. Avoid lead paint and soft plastics that contain phthalates.

6. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid processed food. Even better, choose organic and locally grown meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables.

7. Try to get the plastic containers out of your kitchen and replace them with glass containers. I use glass mason jars to store our dry food.

8. Make a vow to stop buying bottled water—NOW. Instead, buy a water filter pitcher and keep two in your fridge at all times.

9. For cleaner and healthier air, open your windows once a day when the outside temperature is comfortable.

10. When buying new stuff for your home, focus on green products especially mattresses and carpets.

Information is from written by Sloan Barnett.

What are you doing to “green” up your act?

Kitchen Sink Summer Pasta


I don’t know what it is about summer veggies from the garden. I seriously could eat this and/or my Kitchen Sink Pizza daily. Why kitchen sink? Well because these meals are the epitome of “anything but the kitchen sink is used”. This pasta normally happens on a Friday night when my fridge is empty and all of my produce from the garden is preserved in some way for the week. So I have a mini panic and run out to the garden and scrounge up anything and everything that has just ripened in the afternoon sun.

I actually also do this in the winter the night before grocery shopping day to clean out my fridge!! It’s frugal, simple, and easy. Three of my favorite things!!

So really, this isn’t so much a recipe since you can use anything you have on hand. Don’t have fresh tomatoes? Throw in some canned!! Have some frozen asparagus? That would be great with peas and mushrooms!!

Here is what I had on hand tonight!!

1 Zucchini (cut in chunks)

1 Summer Squash (cut in chunks)

1 handful of pear and cherry tomatoes (some cut and some left whole)

1 handful of basil (I’m obsessed with basil so you may want less. Although I think that would be CRAZY of you!!)

1 heaping tbsp. of minced garlic (I have a garlic obsession as well so apply suggestions from above!!)

1 tbsp. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 big handfuls of your favorite shaped organic pasta (No I don’t measure!! Wait….. You mean you measure pasta?). I use Trader Joe’s Quinoa Brown Rice Pasta so I can get a gluten free complete protein in.

Optional: 2 tbsp. nutritional yeast (for my vegan friends) or Parmesan cheese


*Start pasta water on high to boil. I always salt my pasta water with pink Himalayan salt. Actually that’s the only kind of salt I use 🙂

*Warm olive oil in a sauté pan and add zucchini and summer squash to cook for about 5 minutes

*Add tomatoes and sauté for 3-5 minutes

*At the very end stir in minced garlic but be careful not to burn it

*Strain pasta and dump directly over cooked veggies.

*Julienne or mince your basil and sprinkle that over and Season with Salt and Pepper!!

*I also stir in some nutritional yeast for added B12 and protein


Abso-freakin-lutley Delish and only takes 10-12 minutes to make. Gluten free and vegetarian or vegan. How can you go wrong with this? Well my meat-eating husband would tell me where I went wrong but I’m not asking him!!

Enjoy Friends