How To Make Your Kitchen Sink Sparkle


I don’t know about you, but I hate having a dirty sink!

I am not saying that mine doesn’t get gross because it does but I try to clean it about once a week.

Although I like a shiney sink, I do not like putting a lot of time into cleaning it! That is way I love my Heavy Duty Scour Off. It cleans my kitchen sink in only a couple of minutes even when I leave my cast iron pan in the sink and it leaves rust rings.

Here is a before picture.


Here is a rust ring.


Here is my Scour Off.


All I do to clean my sink is….. put this paste on a sponge or wash cloth and rub down my sink. Then I rinse it off.

That’s IT!!!!

So easy!!!!!

To give it that brand new look, I also wipe off the excess water with my microfiber cloth to dry the sink.


Here are some afters.


Cleaning my sink is one of my easiest kitchen chores and it makes a huge difference.

I always feel like my whole kitchen is clean when my sink is shinning, plus this stuff is totally safe, chemical free and smells great!

It also makes a great way to start my week. Isn’t it funny that this kind of stuff helps me get through the week?

I can think better when the house is clean. lol! I swear I am not OCD! I just like a clean sink. Don’t you?


I hope this is helpful to you!

Happy Cleaning,


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