Parsnip Fries

  Ok guys I’m going to be completely honest. Don’t get excited like these are going to be “straight from the steak house” to die for on anything like that. This is just a great, whole foods snack for my kids. They don’t know fries like the rest of us. I’m one of “those moms” who refrain from feeding them stuff like that. So when I have an over abundance of parsnips in the garden…….I make these. The kids LOVE them and get pretty excited about the frie sauce too!!

So give it a try!! It’s really easy!! And you will look like one of “those other moms”, you know the cool ones 😀 

Start with chopped parsnips

Put them in a greased baking sheet (I use coconut oil or avocado oil). 

Sprinkle with seasoning salt and bake at 425 for 40 minutes. This varies per oven.

While it’s baking whip up some fry sauce!! These are the ingredients I use. Don’t aske me how much!! It’s a dollop of mayo, a couple squirts of mustard, and two shakes or so of ketchup!! 

THAT IS IT!! Ta-Da!! A heathy, whole food snack for your babies.

How do you cook parsnips? I would love new recipes!!

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