Let’s Get Physical with Physique and Performance!!

We are excited to tell you about our Sports Nutrition products and what you and your family could use before, during and after exercise.

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For great performance you need great nutrition!!


Shaklee has been a leader in the field of nutritional supplements for over 30 years. Shaklee designed the sports nutrition program for the 1984 US Olympic Ski Team – the team that won more gold and silver medals than any US team in history at Sarajevo. They designed the nutrition program for the first American expedition to scale Mt. Everest without loss of lean muscle mass. They designed the nutrition programs for the Voyager flight around the world, for the human powered Daedalus flight across the Aegean Sea, and for the Steiger dog sled expeditions to the North Pole and across Antarctica. They have used their experience to design sports nutrition products which lead the field. We will soon take a look at the roles that sports nutrition can play in athletic performance and the products Shaklee has designed to fill these roles. (from “Shaklee–at the Cutting Edge of Sports Nutrition” by Dr.Stephen G. Cheney)

You can easily buy products off a shelf, so why choose Shaklee? Shaklee products are ALWAYS SAFE, ALWAYS WORKS, AND ALWAYS GREEN…GUARANTEED! You can’t find these high quality products in stores.
  When you think about it, WHY do people exercise? Young athletes exercise to gain strength and weight. Established athletes exercise to maximize their lean muscle mass and their performance. The rest of us exercise to redistribute body mass, converting fat to lean muscle mass. Vigorous exercise programs are, of course, the only effective way to accomplish these goals. But these training programs have always had two drawbacks:
1. They are slow. In the absence of optimal sports nutritional programs, the desired strength and performance gains often take months or years.
2. They are painful. Training can be seriously impeded by slow recovery times. Sore muscles, muscle cramps and depleted energy stores can make it difficult to stick to an optimum training schedule.
(from “Shaklee–at the Cutting Edge of Sports Nutrition” by Dr.Stephen G. Cheney)

There are two very different ways to maximize the increase in muscle mass and speed recovery. The first is to increase the duration of the anabolic state through the use of steroids. This is BOTH illegal and dangerous!

The second method is to increase carbohydrate and protein intake during the naturally occurring anabolic phase. This is the basis for several of the body building products in the marketplace. However, simply providing those nutrients is only part of the story. Maximizing the utilization of those nutrients is equally important and represents the cutting edge of sports nutrition research.
(from “Shaklee–at the Cutting Edge of Sports Nutrition” by Dr.Stephen G. Cheney)

Shaklee Products are backed by clinical studies to optimize health AND performance.

BEFORE (I absolutely LOVE these Energy chews from running, hiking, biking to night class, you name it. When I need a boost I grab an energy chew!)

Before workout snack!

 Before Workout Meal

Before Workout CORE

Before Workout Personal Care

Before Workout for your Joints

Before Workout for Kids and Teens

Before Workout For Adults and Teens

During Workout: Shaklee Redbull!!

I’m sure you’ve all tried a red bull in the past…remember the shakey hands after drinking one? WORST FEELING EVER! This is a nice, fresh alternative that provides increased energy and it has a great flavor, too!! 

During Workout with Get Clean Water

Of Course More Hydration During the Workout!!

After Workout Rubs

Check out this amazing comparison chart!!


You can’t go wrong with Science!!

After Workout Personal Care 

So there you go folks!! I hope you enjoy shopping around for all of your fitness needs. I really  am pleased with these products and how full of health and nutrition they are!!

Head to my website to order and always feel free to ask questions!!




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