Oh What A Beautiful Day!!


That’s right folks!! It truly is a beautiful day today in the Pacific Northwest. Sunny and 64 degrees is a miracle in January here.
I took it upon myself to get the kids outside and wake up my garden beds for spring.

There is nothing better than a boy on his four wheeler, baby in a wagon and a happy lab running circles around the yard sniffing new smells!! Speaking of smells…….grass……grass is all I’m smelling today!! Did I mention it’s January?? I was making meat loaf for dinner for my meat eaters but I think I may have the husband stop for hamburger buns and turn that ground beef into burgers on the BBQ!!


I also decided to harvest the rest of my winter carrots. Check out the monster parsnips that surprised us too!!


Can you spot the happy earthworms??



It feels so good to have dirt under my nails and my summer gardening shoes on (instead of my trusty green hunter boots that I wear for winter).

I have been so anxious for spring. I have another blog post planned with my seed lists and garden layout for the year as well.

We have new ideas for the Hawthorne Homestead this year which include meal plans for the year straight out of the garden. Yep!! I’m going to try and make freezer meals weekly from our produce that can’t carry us through winter next year!!

Stay tuned for all the exciting posts to come!!

Hope you all enjoyed this day,



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