DIY Kid’s Reading Nook


We absolutely adore our playroom. Can you believe that when we moved in I kind of dreaded having this extra upstairs space. Ha that was when I was 7 months pregnant with my first baby so I had no IDEA how much I would be needing it.

Since my first baby was born over 3 years ago this amazing space has slowly evolved into a mini classroom/fun play space for our boys (check out how we do pre-school at home in this post).

One of our biggest compliments that we get in this room is on our reading nook that we made for the boys. It is made from rain gutters and is absolutely adorable.


Let me tell you now that it was not cheap!! It ended up costing us more that if we just made simple slab shelving but I think they were worth every penny (My husband would disagree because he was the on who had to make them!!).

If you remember from my sister’s baby shower post, I made this adorable Cloud Mobile/Light for them. I had originally planned on making one for this reading nook to hang above it but I still haven’t. Thankfully It was a cinch to make so I will be able to whip another one up and also document it so I can show all of you lovely people!!

All you need for this project is a few plastic gutters (depending on the size of shelving you want), gutter end caps (these were what made the project expensive!!), and screws!!

I also have tons of tutorials saved on my pinterest page so check them out!!

Hope you enjoy!! Do you have a favorite reading space for your kiddos?




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