Lactation Protein Smoothie Packs


I have been working on perfecting a lactation smoothie that actually tastes good. My sister is having a baby in a couple of  weeks and I am making her a New Mama Care Package for her to come home to after the birth.

I thought pre packaged smoothie packs would be a great addition since it is so easy to pop them in a blender, add milk, and blend for a healthy meal when you don’t have time to cook (or enough hands).


So after blending and tasting for a couple of weeks, I think I have it down. The oats, brewer’s yeast, and pure protein and omegas are a perfect combination to help promote lactation in a new mama!!

Have you ever had a lactation smoothie??


2 scoops Vanilla or Chocolate Shaklee Life Shake
1 T Peanut Butter
¼ cup Oats
½ Banana
1-1.5 Tsp. Brewer’s Yeast
8 oz. Milk of choice
Ice as needed

15 thoughts on “Lactation Protein Smoothie Packs

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  2. Is this recipe for one bag or multiple bags? Also, to freeze them, you would add the milk, ice and peanut butter right before blending, right?


    • Hi Brandy!! It’s actually per bag and I freeze the peanut butter in the bag too!! I add the ice and milk to the blender at the time I’m making the smoothie. Some people make milk ice cubes and throw those in the bag too.


      • Oh how exciting!! Congrats to you mama!! My sister used these and the protein balls for a few months and it really helped her milk supply (it took her a while to get her supply right). I plan on using them after my next baby since I didn’t have Shaklee with my first 2. Good protein and nutrition is where it’s at 😉


  3. I am so looking forward to making these for myself before baby gets here I have been looking for just this!! Is there any specific oat that you used and preferred.


    • Hi Liz!! Congrats on the baby!!
      It doesn’t matter the kind of oats (unless you need gluten free). I have now made it with rolled oats and with steel cut oats and it is delish with both!! Good luck to you in the coming months 💕


    • I’m sure you can!! I just don’t know what amount would be suitable so you may have to try it out a few times. I am only knowledgeable in the servings with this brand. I also like that I can get probiotics in as well.


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