DIY Cloth Diaper Spray


We have been Cloth Diapering for 3 and a half years now (well we got a 2 month break between our 2 year old being potty trained and the birth of his brother) and we love it!!

I will be the first to admit that it has been a process figuring out a system with non toxic detergents. Before we found Shaklee, we were always trying new non toxic detergents and failed miserably. We always have to use some kind of detergent for sensitive skin because my husband will break out all over his body!!

So I found myself using Tide for the diapers and Ecos for the rest of our clothes. It drove me insane that I was putting toxic residue against my baby’s skin and washing it down the drain into our water system. It just felt like I was canceling out our eco friendlyness of the cloth diapers.

Then I found Shaklee and their Laundry Line and things improved greatly!! You can read about my cloth diaper routine here. I still struggled with keeping them bright and the stains away. In the summer it’s not a problem because I put them in the sun to dry and bleach but in the winter I needed something else.

So I came up with my own recipe for a cloth diaper spray!! It uses all non toxic products and has been a lifesaver for my diapers!! Its so important for me too make these diapers last (especially since we want another baby someday).

Try this out and let me know what you think!!

What you need:

16 oz spray bottle

2 tsp. Basic H

3 tsp. Nature Bright

4 Pumps of Fresh Laundry Concentrate

*Fill squirt bottle with HOT water before adding ingredients (or it will overflow with bubbles)

*Add ingredients above and shake

*After rinsing solids out of cloth diaper, spray soiled area with diaper spray and throw in your hamper!! Thats it!!

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