Funny Valentine’s

Sooooo. Lets all be honest here. Arts and crafts with a toddler is hard. Today I took it upon myself to attempt a pinterest Win with the kids. I saw an adorable tutorial on hand hearts for Valentine’s. Of course being on Pinterest they were perfect and I thought ‘why can’t we do that?’. Why?? How about because you always fail at pinterest projects Emily…..thats why!!

SO if you are a mama who loves/hates Pinterest, here is the real life side of hand hearts for valentines day!!

Here is the toddler’s attempt at hearts. Pretty adorbs if you ask me. Of course the entire time he had no interest in putting his hand on the paper…..only in his mouth.


And here is our Big Boy’s (3 year old) hands. He did a great job trying to make a heart. He was even annoyed with how much it didn’t look like the Pinterest picture. Sigh…….I know son……Welcome to my world.


And here is the finished product all cut out. I love them. They warm my heart and will be perfect on our fridge. I especially love doing art work that captures their growth (like the size of their hands or feet).


I know their grandparents will be so excited to get these!!

Do you let your kids make crafts for Valentine’s Day?

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