Kid’s Canvas Art Project


I got these 8×11 canvas’s at Walmart last year. It was a steal ~ 8 for $9.99. At the time I had planned on doing some sort of picture project for our living room but lost interest. Then one day I ran out of paper for my oldest during art time and decided to let him paint on one!!

After seeing how adorable it turned out I thought these would be the perfect addition to our Playroom Gallery Wall!!

So today I had the baby join in our art project and we tried out the plastic bag method that is floating around Pinterest!! Have you guys seen it? Normally I fail at every Pinterst attempt but this actually turned out pretty well!!

I started by dumping different colors of paint on the canvas.


Then I slipped the canvas into a gallon freezer bag.image

Of course it didn’t fit perfectly like the tutorial said but we made it work!!image

He had tons of fun squishing and sliding the colors all around.image

At this point he decided that he was done so we carefully slid it out of the bag and left it to dry.image

A finished masterpiece!!image

There are few things that warm my heart more than seeing my kids thrive through art.

What art projects have your kiddos been doing lately?


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