Mason Jar Salads

I know I’m a little late to the party with this but since we have been without a kitchen for 9 weeks now…….yes you read that right…….9 weeks!! I have been grasping to find new and easy ways for meal prepping. 

We are up to our ears in kale and lettuce in the garden right now so how can you go wrong with meal prepping salads!? 

I was a little hesitant because I found it hard to believe that the greens would stay fresh for 5 days (I was using my husband’s lunches for the Guinea pig on this project!!). But guess what!? They actually did stay fresh and crisp!!

Here is what I did for 5 days worth of healthy and practically free (from the garden) meals for my husband’s lunch.

Start with your greens!! I picked Kale, lettuce and that like in the far right is cilantro. Yes I realize that is a god awful…..(I say awful because I hate cilantro)…..amount but my husband LOVES his cilantro. It’s incredibly healthy so I say why not? Oh and don’t forget my giant mug of coffee. Do you see what I’m working with here? A plywood counter top with no countertops on our doorless cabinets 😑.

Chop your greens to your liking.

Start filling your jars!! Always add dressing at the bottom. This is what keeps the greens from getting soggy.

I add Kale and seeds (or nuts whichever you prefer) next. The kale is a very hearty green that stands up to wilting and the seeds work as another barrier from the leaf lettuce.

Next add any veggies that you want for your salad. Our cucumbers have not come on yet so this week’s salads were pretty plain. I am going to work on recipes to add throughout the summer straight from the garden!!

I top the salad off with the fresh herbs. And there you have it!! Put the lids on and pop in the fridge!! The husband took these salads to work everyday this week and loved them. I loved that they cost next to nothing (aside from the nagging I have to do to get him to bring my jars back home 🙄).

There ya go friends!! Do you use mason jars for meal planning? If so I would love and appreciate any ideas!!

Happy Friday,


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