Living Room Gallery Wall

Boy this post has been sitting in my drafts forever!! The reason being that I knew I was going to change my wall color again and all my pictures that I had originally hung would be replaced!! I wanted it final and set in stone before I shared it.

I can’t wait to share my Living Room Reveal with you since I feel we are finally finished with it (it only took 2 years to finish the dang molding around the window!!).

So as a little teaser for that I will share the gallery wall that we just hung.

I started with thrift store oar. You will notice as you start seeing room reveals, that oar are a big part of my style and decor in our home. I painted this one in the accent colors that I use in the living room. Navy, bright yellow, and red are the accent foundations of the room with white and pale whit/grey setting the tone.

I made the sign a few years back out of a piece of wood we had laying around and about 4 different kinds of paint and sand paper. It was the easiest thing I have ever made. If you DONT do well with detail this is a project for you!! Just throw on paint, let it dry and then scuff it up. Then repeat with each color. I did a white wash over it all with watered down white paint and then stuck a cut out of our last name over it all.

The last detail in this gallery are the “S” and the “5”. They represent our last name and the number of people in our family. The background that the metal letter and number lay on are nautical flags that matched perfectly with the accent colors.

Of course my wonderful and “patient” husband hung it all with command strips to my liking 😉

So there ya have it!! Easy and fast. You can have a sweet gallery wall hung in a half hour with things from around your house!! I am a frame hoarder and also a spray paint maniac so I can turn any frame new before your eyes. I would say this wall probably cost me under $100 and it was only that expensive because I bought new ikea frames.

Just wait until you see our DIY photo ledges and how cheap that project was!! I literally spent nothing on frames!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to make your own gallery wall. If you already have one please share in the comments!!

Kid’s Canvas Art Project


I got these 8×11 canvas’s at Walmart last year. It was a steal ~ 8 for $9.99. At the time I had planned on doing some sort of picture project for our living room but lost interest. Then one day I ran out of paper for my oldest during art time and decided to let him paint on one!!

After seeing how adorable it turned out I thought these would be the perfect addition to our Playroom Gallery Wall!!

So today I had the baby join in our art project and we tried out the plastic bag method that is floating around Pinterest!! Have you guys seen it? Normally I fail at every Pinterst attempt but this actually turned out pretty well!!

I started by dumping different colors of paint on the canvas.


Then I slipped the canvas into a gallon freezer bag.image

Of course it didn’t fit perfectly like the tutorial said but we made it work!!image

He had tons of fun squishing and sliding the colors all around.image

At this point he decided that he was done so we carefully slid it out of the bag and left it to dry.image

A finished masterpiece!!image

There are few things that warm my heart more than seeing my kids thrive through art.

What art projects have your kiddos been doing lately?


Funny Valentine’s

Sooooo. Lets all be honest here. Arts and crafts with a toddler is hard. Today I took it upon myself to attempt a pinterest Win with the kids. I saw an adorable tutorial on hand hearts for Valentine’s. Of course being on Pinterest they were perfect and I thought ‘why can’t we do that?’. Why?? How about because you always fail at pinterest projects Emily…..thats why!!

SO if you are a mama who loves/hates Pinterest, here is the real life side of hand hearts for valentines day!!

Here is the toddler’s attempt at hearts. Pretty adorbs if you ask me. Of course the entire time he had no interest in putting his hand on the paper…..only in his mouth.


And here is our Big Boy’s (3 year old) hands. He did a great job trying to make a heart. He was even annoyed with how much it didn’t look like the Pinterest picture. Sigh…….I know son……Welcome to my world.


And here is the finished product all cut out. I love them. They warm my heart and will be perfect on our fridge. I especially love doing art work that captures their growth (like the size of their hands or feet).


I know their grandparents will be so excited to get these!!

Do you let your kids make crafts for Valentine’s Day?