Crazy for Cloth Diapering Part 1: Brand and Style


So to start this series off I will talk about the brand and style that we use. We use (get a pen this is a long one) Bumgenious All in One Freetimes. Wow! Say that 5 times fast!!

Let me begin by saying that I adore and (at times) despise this style all at once. You can’t go wrong with the Bumgenious brand but the Freetimes do take a little longer to dry.

As seen in the pictures above, they consist of the diaper shell and two “no stuff” liners that are sewn in!! It makes things so much easier for quick changing, day care, and reluctant grandparents. I love that you can fold the liners (see stitched lines) to make more absorbency where it’s needed. So it works great for boys and girls.

You can’t go wrong with any all in one diaper. No stuffing, no extra pieces to keep together, and just so simple.

They claim to fit babies from 8-35 pounds but I have to say they didn’t fit either of my babies until they were around 10 pounds. It’s literally 3 easy snaps on the front for sizing. I need idiot proof and these have for sure  accommodated me in that area :). I have tried other one size diapers where you have to sinch and button and measure and I just don’t have the time or patients for that.

Like I said, over all I love these diapers and wouldn’t go with anything else. My only complaint is that they literally take an entire night to dry. In the dryer they will be done in a normal cycle but I always hang dry my diapers so they last longer. (I will do another post on my wash schedule)

The only time I have had to deal with a leak is when it’s time to go up in size. Then I just change the snaps and there are no more leaks.

Now let’s talk about building your stash!! I had experience with bum genious before so I knew I wanted to go with this brand. I also knew I had to have all in one and I wasn’t willing own and entire stash of 3 different sizes of diapers so I also knew I needed one size. I ordered 24 and that has been the perfect amount for me. Some people do more but they go longer between washes and enjoy buying different designs.

Speaking of……..there are some adorable designs out there so it can be easy to get out of control with that. Maybe it’s because I have boys? Or because I’m kind of a minimalist? I just don’t get into buying every cute design out there. Come talk to me if our next baby is a girl and it may be a different story 🙂

So there you have it. My opinion of a great cloth diaper. Please do tons of research before buying. I look at buying cloth as an investment. You need it to be the perfect fit for your family and life.