The Shaklee 5 Day Re-Set Challenge




The Shaklee 180 Kick Start is a 5 day detox designed to reboot your body.

It rejuvenates, energizes and removes the toxic junk from your body. It gives you a kick start to clean eating and/or losing fat.

Reset your cravings, feel energized and maybe even lose a few pounds without going hungry, workouts or cooking.

It is natural, safe and it works.

I am personally a big fan of cleaning out once in a while. No one is perfect so this is a great time to start fresh!

The Shaklee 180 Kick Start Detox helps my body let go of the junk it wants to hold on to.

It is super easy to follow!


If this sounds great to you so far, this is what you will be doing!!



To join us, you will need the following products:


liver dtx*


180 smoothee*

180 snack bar*

herb lax*

raw veggies

organic lemons for your water

* Indicates a Shaklee product. This detox is specific for Shaklee products.

The 7 Day Raw Food Challenge


What to Eat:

UNLIMITED fresh raw fruit
UNLIMITED fresh raw vegetables
2 ½ – 3 quarts water – can be in the form of herbal non-caffeinated tea

Graze all day – at least every two hours

Drink LOTS of water

What NOT to Eat:

ž Fried Foods
ž Cooked Foods
ž Sugar – juice, wine, beer, alcoholic beverages
ž Artificial Sweeteners
ž Break, crackers, cookies, muffins, bagels, pasta
ž MEAT, fish, eggs or cheese
ž Milk
ž Protein Shakes
ž Dried Fruit, Chips
ž Soda and cola drinks
ž *Limit seltzer to 10 ounces/ day


ž Alfalfa tabs
ž Herb Lax
ž Liver DTX
ž Optiflora ProBiotic

Daily Regimen

ž 10 Alfalfa tabs
-5 in morning
-5 at night
ž 2-4 Herb Lax before bed*
ž 3 Liver DTX AM
-1 in morning
-2 with dinner
ž 1 Optiflora ProBiotic pearl

*start with 2 Herb Lax for 1-2 days then move to 3
Use 3 Herb Lax for 1-2 days before moving to full serving.


Blend until chunky: Watermelon, fresh or frozen organic berries, apple, orange, any fruit
*Limit bananas to ½ per day

During morning and afternoon

Carry a bag of pre-washed cut up fruit and veggies. Can dip in mustard or fresh salsa.


Have a bowl of gazpacho

Snack all afternoon


Make a HUGE salad of 3-4 assorted dark greens, 4-5 raw veggies, ½ avocado
Dress with 1 ½ Tbsp. of full fat salad dressing. (any kind except Ranch)