Thirty-One Review ~ Flip Top Organizing Bin


I’m so excited to be trying thirty-one products for the first time ever (yes I know I am a little behind). My good friend and thirty one distributor, Jamie ( has set me up with some really fun goodies for my car and for my business. I will be doing one post a week for the next three weeks to review each item. Check her website out if you get a chance!!

The first item I chose was for my kiddos (weird) to use in our suburban. It’s called the flip top organizing bin and I’ve only had it for an hour yet I’ve managed to find things to fill it up with!!

I will be putting it between the car seats and it will hold their books, DVDs, extra diapers, wipes, baggies of pre-made trail mix, a burp rag, and a few baby toys. Can anyone think of anything else I can add to this? I love that there are little net things on the side where I can keep extra bottles of water too!! I’m sure Jamie loves my skills at describing her product (little net thing? I couldn’t think of another word). I will also be adding an extra pair of bottoms for my 2 year old and an extra jumper for my baby.


Most people are probably wondering why I don’t use a diaper bag. To be honest I HATE diaper bags and only use one the first couple months after a baby is born. I just feel like it’s one more thing for me to remember to load and unload, pack and unpack, and forget at places at least a few times (please tell me some one else has forgotten a diaper bag somewhere?).

Now nothing will ever be forgotten. It will always be in the car!!

Another thing that I love about this product is how the lid snaps to the box. It won’t be taken off and thrown in the back and lost forever to the abyss of the back of my suburban. Does anyone else with a suburban feel like the very back is a black hole? A dark abyss that attracts junk that you never knew existed in your car to begin with? Well I’m getting off track but thankfully I have found these products that are going to fix that!!


So enjoy the pictures and check out Jamie’s site! She’s always got great deals going on and is so helpful with styles and colors!


Do you use thiry-one products? If so what do you use!?

What do you keep in your flip top organizer?