How to Raise a Toxin Free Puppy!!


A week ago something exciting happened in our house. Something that every little boy dreams of at one point in his life!! We got a puppy.
Everyone, meet Ben (Benjamin when he is in trouble, and Bennie if Mr. Precious is calling him). He is a pure bred black lab and the sweetest, most kind, patient, and calm little boy that I have ever met. He is in love with our kids and it makes me even more in love with him. He loves being by their side, sliding down the slide (yes he climbed the play structure and slides down the slide!!), and his favorite place to nap is under the bouncy between the babies legs.


The first week has been a struggle, I won’t lie or sugar coat that. The day after we got him, Mr. Blue Eyes (our 9 month old) woke up with a fever that stayed for 3 days. To say he was fussy and clingy would be putting it lightly. Mr. Precious (our oldest) was not too precious either. He is at a point in his life where he is learning opinions and how to challenge everything.
The first 3 days consisted of a constant screaming baby that would get woke up every time he fell asleep, a 3 year old that was constantly being put in his room for behaviors that I won’t go into, and a puppy who continually peed on the floor, immediately after I would stand outside for 20 minutes waiting for him to pee!! Oh did I mention that I was recovering from mastitis so I was exhausted and in pain as well!!
But like when you bring any baby home, by day 4 I had things figured out. We are in (somewhat) of a routine now and I even kind of have him on a nap schedule with the baby!!
My father in law said that raising a puppy is just like raising a baby. For some reason I didn’t really listen to that but boy is he right!!
I finally accepted that and now it’s making things much easier!! When I get frustrated and discouraged that I’m not doing things right, I always stop myself and ask “what would you do if it was the kids?” And it totally takes the pressure off me because o feel like I somewhat know how to handle kids (note that I said somewhat!!).
As for Ben’s daily needs, of course I had that mapped out and planned the day he was born because I’m crazy like that!!

Here is how we plan on raising our puppy naturally (I will come back and add more as we learn what works for us!!).

Food-Blue Buffalo Puppy

Daily Vitamin – Vita Lea

Healthy Fat Supplement – Omega Guard

Bathing – Basic H

Dental Care – Coconut Oil

Treats – carrots, pumpkin, peanut butter, sweet potato