Home Made Almond Butter


In our family, consumption of nut butters is quite high. Not only on sandwiches but in plenty of home made baked goods and granola bars and even used in savory dishes. The issue with this is that it can get expensive. So what is a frugal homesteader to do? Well, get out my favorite kitchen tool and make my own if course!! Favorite tool being my pride and joy……The Vitamix  (swoon).

I order our raw organic almonds on bulk from Azure Standard. Have you ever ordered from them? They are awesome. You place an order for bulk items (most being organic) online and there are different drop points. I have a drop point right down the road from us!! I go and pick up my order once a month and have made some pretty awesome friends in the process!! I’ve also eliminated my Costco need 🙂 This is awesome because we always found extras that we needed at Costco so we are saving money!!

Wow back to the almond butter!! Sorry for trailing off!!

Ok here is the ingredient list……drum roll please…………..

1. Raw Organic Almonds


Thats it….well you need a high powered blender to pulverize it into butter but I figured that is to be expected. Now I would like you to head into your pantry and pull out the old Jiff or Skippy or whatever kind of peanut butter that you have laying around and list the ingredients off. How many is there? Bonus points if you can pronounce them all!!

So now that I have you fully on board with this lets make sure the process of making it isn’t too hard. Here are the steps to make my amazing home made almond butter……….

1. Pour Almonds in the blender

2. Press start button and choose speed

3. Use wand/tamper thingy to swish stuff around

4. Wait 2-3 minutes while it blends


Thats it!! Oh we’re you waiting for more instructions? No really, that’s it!!

Now my Vitamix makes the butter warm so I normally scoop it all out into my glass container and let it sit on the counter for a while to cool. There is nothing more yummy than warm fresh almond butter on freshly baked bread!!

And how awesome is it that it only has one ingredient? I don’t bat an eye at putting it on everything for my kids. Healthy fats and protein without added sugar or chemicals.

I make a batch once a week on Mondays when I do my Bread/Beans/Rice batch cooking.

So fellow homesteaders, do you make your own almond butter? If so do you add extra ingredients or have a different way of preparing? We would love to hear all about it!!