Create an Herbal Medicine Chest


This is a reminder to stock your “Herbal Medicine Chest” with fresh, hard working Shaklee products.

1. Shaklee DR (Defend and Resist):

This Echinacea product also has elderberry extract which traps virus “claws” with gels so they can’t enter our bodies. Lozenges can be melted, chewed, swallowed or dissolved in water.

2. Vitalized Immunity: NEW!!

An effervescent tablet that powers Vitamin C into the body to quickly STOP the onset of coldsl.

3. Nutriferon:

My favorite product!! Developed after 50 years of research AFTER Dr. Kojima’s 1954 discovery of INTERFERON deep inside our cells. This amazing Nutriferon turns on the Interferon in our cells to blunt allergic reactions, stimulate the body’s own defenses, and protect us from disease. I take one tablet daily, but on days when I know I’m not feeling 100% I might take 2-3 servings throughout the day and (knock on wood) I’ve stayed healthy for years without even a cold.

4. Herb Lax:

Wonderful for constipation but even better for melting away mucus in throat, lungs, tummy. Just take one (you’ll need 3-4 for constipation). Spoon a few teaspoons of herb-lax tea into little kids to help them with their stuffy noses. Teenagers love it because it clears up acne (no more dumping poisons through skin!!)

5. Vita-C:

500 mg delivered in a time release all day. Prevents bruises, head colds, sinus infections.

6. Garlic:

Nature’s antibiotic. Kills Viruses! No resistance, no side effects. Take 6 tablets right away then 3 every few hours till well again. Yes, you will have a garlicky “green mist” to your breath! You shouldn’t be kissin’ anyone anyway when you’re sick!! Chew some gum or alfalfa tablets!!

7. Alfalfa:

Another wonderful product for allergies, body pain and odor. This time of year when we are out raking leaves, changing storm windows, etc. the body takes a hit!

8. Optiflora:

A super probiotic with 3 coatings to protect the little buggers! Store brands are mostly dead bacteria. Yogurt bacteria dies off in stomach acid (including Aptivia). ALWAYS take when using antibiotics from the doctor. Flood your system with positive bacteria to prevent yeast infections like candida, e coli, salmonella poisoning, etc. Dr. Daggy calls them “On-the-floor-a” because they bounce out of the Vita-Strips so vigorously!!!

Basic G:

Also – add a capful of Basic G (Germicide) when you wash bed linens if someone has a cold or flu. Make up spray bottle (1/2 tsp per pint water) to use as an aerosol disinfectant too. Not flammable either. Another nice plus: germ-killing protection lasts for three days on hard surfaces while chlorine bleach is effective only a few hours.

Why is Shaklee so different from Brand X?

1. Shaklee tests every batch of raw materials for purity and potency.

2. Shaklee tests all products on human beings for absorption and efficacy.

3. Results are published in scientific journals that have been peer reviewed (no paid endorsements).

4. 100 years of history. The products work. Guaranteed.

5. Shaklee’s own recipes, pharmaceutical standards of manufacture, science-based needs (no fads).

6. No artificial anything.

7. No animal testing.

Brand X is made on an assembly line that changes labels once in a while. No oversight, no guarantee of purity or potency. Look for biotin on the label. It is the key to making the B-complex function. It is the most expensive B-vitamin to include. Most brands offer 10% of the RDA (Shaklee makes sure to include 100%). But, Brand X will pack thousands of % of other cheaper B ingredients to make the label look powerful.

And – surprise – Shaklee’s Vita-Lea is usually CHEAPER than Brand X! Less than $12 per month for a guaranteed safety net for your body! And, Wal-Mart DOESN’T OFFER a bonus check. Monthly Shaklee bonuses mean your products can be FREE because you share the good news about Shaklee with friends and family.

(This information was from another Shaklee distributor and I wanted to pass it on to you!  ENJOY!)

To order your supplements, click on the links above or go here.

Basic H2 vs. Vinegar


I often hear people say that they want to use “green” cleaners but they think it’s too expensive or they don’t think they cleaners do a good job. So they try vinegar. They like it but they hate the smell. They also think it saves them money. Even if you thought you were saving money and helping the environment using the old stand-by of vinegar, you might be interested in learning that even these formulas from the past end up costing more and are actually creating more packaging waste. Not fitting in with today’s picture of being environmental.

Lets take a closer look…….


Get Clean Basic H2 vs. Vinegar

Usage Per Gallon for a General Cleaner: Vinegar – 1/2 cup / Basic H2 – 2 teaspoons

Distilled Vinegar

(1/2 cup per gallon of water for general cleaning)

Cost per bottle = 16 oz / .89 cents (Acme brand 10/09)

Usage Cost: to make 1 gallon general cleaner = .22 cents

Usage Cost: to make 48 gallons general cleaner = $10.68

Packaging Waste: 12 Bottles to make 48 gallons of general cleaner

note: if you need to add baking soda, dish soap, or oil to the formula for persistent stains or cleaning that’s an additional expense and additional packaging waste.

Shaklee Basic H2

(2 teaspoons per gallon of water for ALL-PURPOSE Cleaner)
Over 1000 different uses with this one bottle!

Cost per bottle = 16 oz / $10.35 (10/09)

Usage Cost: to make 1 gallon All-Purpose Cleaner = .22 cents

Usage Cost: to make 48 gallons All-Purpose Cleaner = $10.68

ONE Bottle makes 48 Gallons of All-Purpose Cleaner!

(One bottle of Basic H2 equals the cleaning uses of 5,824 bottles of 26 oz.

For every ONE Bottle of Basic H2 used for All-Purpose Cleaning you would use 12 bottles of vinegar plus, if needed, baking soda to do the same amount of clean. Plus, Basic H2 has the smell of “clean” and is pH balanced with our skin. No need to wear gloves or a mask.



Now you can see why people love Basic H2!! To Order, head over to

The Hawthorne Homestead Spring Garden Tour



One of my favorite things about our little homestead Is that I have infinant possibilities for our garden. We live on over 1/3 of an acre and most of it is in our back yard. The owners before us put a chain link fence to separate the front half and the back half of the back yard. At first I HATED it. It was ugly and the second I could get it removed it was going to be gone.

But then I started planning our mini homestead and it really has fit in nicely.

We will be bringing a black lab puppy home this weekend so I’m sure being able to keep him away from the garden and future chickens will be a good thing and I won’t hate the fence so much. I also have plans to grow grapes up it (as soon as I can find a good deal on Craigslist!!).

I promised a garden tour a long time ago and I just couldn’t wait any longer. I have been sick so I apologize for the low quality pictures. Most everything in our garden has been grown from seed but as usual, I’ve had some more garden fails this year so starts had to be bought 🙂

Lets get this tour started!!


This first picture captures strawberries growing in gutters as well as one of the beds. FYI – Pinterest is wrong…..strawberries do not do good in gutters. That was a gardening fail last year. I’m hoping to get a strawberry patch put in this weekend so I am going to move these to that.

In the bed we have corn, cabbage, and zucchini. Yes folks we grow our zucchini up trellises to save room. It works great and I love having the tunnel for the boys to walk under.

The corn and zucchini are from seed and the cabbage is from starts that we bought. My cabbage failed so bad it didn’t even sprout!!


Gahh!! These pictures are terrible. I promise I will do an update later in the summer when everything is bigger.

In this bed we have radishes (which we have been harvesting and replanting all March and April!!), different types of cherry and grape tomatoes, and cucumbers that will also be growing up the trellis.

All was from seed accept the tomatoes. We decided to just buy tomatoes and peppers this year because I have struggles so much with growing them from seed. If anyone has any pointers I would be so appreciative!!


In in this bed we have peas (growing up the trellis), leaf lettuce, romaine mix, spinach, and purple and green kale. All grown from seed


This bed looks a little bare but it won’t be for long. Along the trellis we have green beans that are sprouting and yellow squash. In the middle we have tomatoes of the larger variety like beefsteak and Roma. The row closest to us (which looks bare) is actually basil that will hopefully grow quite a few plants. Everything here was grown from seed but the tomatoes.


This is yummy bed has 10 pepper plants!! My husband picked them all because he is in charge of the salsa every year. It’s fun that he has so much fun with gardening. Even when we lived in a rental we would grow things in containers and he was still in charge of the peppers!! There is also two different kind of eggplant, a tomatillo and more basil (I’m pretty ridiculous about how much I love basil and I make a vegan pesto that I freeze so I need tons of it!!). Oh and speaking of the tomatillo. I totally failed with this last year. Any pointers on a hearty harvest for them?

Sadly everything aside from the basil was purchased as a start. In this bed.


I don’t know why but this bed is just fun to look at. Maybe it’s my favorite because it grows the least weeds? It is cauliflower, broccoli, and dill, all grown from seed. Yes it’s a lot of dill but I love making pickles and there’s nothing better than knowing you also grew the dill in your pickles 😉


This bed is another one of my faves. It has to be because it complements my OCD with its straight lines and conformity. This is my root vegetable bed. In it is beets, turnips, parsnips, and carrots of all colors. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to see the look on Mr. Precious’s face when he pulls a purple carrot out of the ground!! All of these were done from seed and incredibly easy. Are you afraid of gardening!!?? Don’t be. Try some of these root veggies. Heck we grew them all the way into winter last year. I literally went out and harvested carrots on Thanksgiving Day for my Maple Glazed Carrot Recipe!! How cool is that!?


Garlic and Onions grown from bulbs and seed



We have 4 of these but I only showed 2. We planted our gold and russet potatoes in these and Daddy Bear is building a potatoes tower this weekend that I will be planting our red and purple potatoes in. Our potatoes always give us a great yield. We used to grow them out of rubber maid storage containers. This is another plant that you can totally grow so easily!! I let my organic potatoes grow their little eyes and then I cut them in chunks and throw them in the pot with a little soil over them. That’s it!!


I am so excited about this picture!! This is a little baby peach growing on our young peach tree. Our first fruit on the beginnings of our mini orchard!! There are a couple more but I couldn’t get them in the picture. We also have a pink lady apple tree, cherry tree, and Asian pear tree.


I know this picture doesn’t really look like anything but this big line of bushes really give us a lot. In mid to late July it is full of wild black berries that I do my best to get out and pick every other night. Our wonderful neighbor Jerry lets us pick all of his behind his house too (I pay him with cobbler!!). This gives me on average, 7-10 gallon freezer bags full of blackberries!! It’s an awesome thing to have in the winter for smoothies, cobbler or just snacking!!

imageThis…..I’m ashamed to say…….is my herb bed. I planted from seed all of your typical kitchen herbs and they are just now coming up. My chives are here from last year and I threw some carrots and cabbage in there over winter that are ready for harvesting. I may go down and just buy some herbs to plant in here. I love this little bed. My husband put it in for me last year and it’s so nice to have. It’s right out side my kitchen sliding glass door.

So There ha have it!! The spring tour. I will be back In mid July with a very different looking garden 🙂

What’s sprouting on your homestead? Have you had any garden fails yet?

First Harvest of the Spring!!


This will be a short post tonight but I just wanted to share a picture of our first Harvest of the spring. A bundle of “firecracker” radishes that I pulled out of the earth just 5 weeks after planting their seeds.

There is something special about the first harvest, no matter how small. The smell, the feel of the soil on my fingers, the pride and gratitude. It’s one of the most rewarding and therapeutic things that I experience each year.

This is one of the many reasons I’m writing this blog. I want this feeling for others. For you, your sister, your neighbor, your children.

You can do this!! You can have this tiny bundle of radishes!! Even in your apartment!!

Now get out there and create/nourish/love/grow something to harvest!!

Home Made Almond Butter


In our family, consumption of nut butters is quite high. Not only on sandwiches but in plenty of home made baked goods and granola bars and even used in savory dishes. The issue with this is that it can get expensive. So what is a frugal homesteader to do? Well, get out my favorite kitchen tool and make my own if course!! Favorite tool being my pride and joy……The Vitamix  (swoon).

I order our raw organic almonds on bulk from Azure Standard. Have you ever ordered from them? They are awesome. You place an order for bulk items (most being organic) online and there are different drop points. I have a drop point right down the road from us!! I go and pick up my order once a month and have made some pretty awesome friends in the process!! I’ve also eliminated my Costco need 🙂 This is awesome because we always found extras that we needed at Costco so we are saving money!!

Wow back to the almond butter!! Sorry for trailing off!!

Ok here is the ingredient list……drum roll please…………..

1. Raw Organic Almonds


Thats it….well you need a high powered blender to pulverize it into butter but I figured that is to be expected. Now I would like you to head into your pantry and pull out the old Jiff or Skippy or whatever kind of peanut butter that you have laying around and list the ingredients off. How many is there? Bonus points if you can pronounce them all!!

So now that I have you fully on board with this lets make sure the process of making it isn’t too hard. Here are the steps to make my amazing home made almond butter……….

1. Pour Almonds in the blender

2. Press start button and choose speed

3. Use wand/tamper thingy to swish stuff around

4. Wait 2-3 minutes while it blends


Thats it!! Oh we’re you waiting for more instructions? No really, that’s it!!

Now my Vitamix makes the butter warm so I normally scoop it all out into my glass container and let it sit on the counter for a while to cool. There is nothing more yummy than warm fresh almond butter on freshly baked bread!!

And how awesome is it that it only has one ingredient? I don’t bat an eye at putting it on everything for my kids. Healthy fats and protein without added sugar or chemicals.

I make a batch once a week on Mondays when I do my Bread/Beans/Rice batch cooking.

So fellow homesteaders, do you make your own almond butter? If so do you add extra ingredients or have a different way of preparing? We would love to hear all about it!!

Gardening With Babies and Toddlers


Kids love to be involved in everything we do (well my kids do anyway!!). This includes gardening of course!!

My first year of gardening with a toddler was a nightmare. He was a year old and into EVERYTHING!!

Of course I wanted him out in the garden with me. Hands in the dirt. Learning about healthy food that we created. That was how I was raised and it was lovely. This was the golden vision that I had in my mind.

Instead I had a toddler eating dirt (and I don’t mean in healthy amounts), pulling up plants that I just planted, screaming the second I left his side, and me,essentially not being productive in any way. Not quite that golden vision that I had in my mind.

So last year I vowed to make it easier. We were going to enjoy gardening and I was going to get stuff done!!

The first thing we did was make him his own bed. This was officially Mr. Precious’s garden box and he could plant and do whatever he wanted in it. We took this same approach early on with cupboards in our house and have never had an issue with him getting into the cupboards!! He has his own that he keeps his “cooking” stuff in and he sticks to that. So he liked this idea of his own box from the beginning. He grew carrots, and radishes in his box (at least that is what survived). There weren’t many because he enjoyed “tilling” the soil more than patiently waiting for the veggies to grow. But that didn’t matter. What mattered most was that he was outside!! Digging, learning, and growing in the garden. Just like I had always envisioned.

The second thing we did was get him his own garden tools. He now has more than I do!! He especially loves his lawn mower. Something that he affectionately calls his Babalo. Don’t ask me why. We have never figured out how he got Babalo from lawn mower but I will soak up every second that he calls it that. I’m sure a lot of people will cringe that I don’t correct it but I will miss it so much someday!!

This year is a little different. We took over his garden bed and have our onions and garlic in it. He is totally fine with this because our garlic is growing like crazy and he thinks it’s really cool.

We have given him his own wooden pot to grow  perennial flowers in and we are moving our strawberries to an “official” patch. Our mini homestead is constantly growing so he will always have new things to work with.

This year is also different because we have another baby. Mr. Blue Eyes is incredibly adventurous and wants to be down in the dirt (literally) doing everything his big brother is doing. This is a problem because it means he refuses to sit in anything that confines him for longer than 5 minutes. He is crawling now too so that means I can’t just put him on a blanket in the grass. He is off the blanket and eating handfuls of weeds in a matter of seconds (why do my kids like eating the outdoors so much?).

So I do what I do with everything else. I either carry him or I babywear him in the Ergo. We babywear a lot in this house so he is comfortable with this. I don’t know how much longer we will last before he wants to be on the ground!!

image image

In the end we will adapt. That’s what parenthood is all about isn’t it? There is something beautiful about the learning process of raising children.

I look forward to sharing more of our learning process with toddlers and babies in the garden, this summer!!

So how about you?? Do you let your Babies garden with you? If so do you have any tips to share??

Thanks and have a Great Day!!


Photo Credit Curtosy of Babble

How To Pressure Wash Your House Naturally


Well, it was that time of year again, the time where we need to pressure wash our house. We usually do it once or twice a year. Since we live kind of close to several creeks and we have a slough in the back of our property, we get a LOT of bugs!

I wanted to share this post with you because several people have asked me what I use to wash my house. You will probably not be surprised that I use Basic H for this.

I upgraded to the large bottle this time since we have been gardening and for the fact that we go through this stuff more than most people. I even bathe my kids in it. Oh yes, now you think I am totally crazy! Don’t you? Well, I wasn’t even go to tell you that but I started telling some friends and they loved that idea and was so glad that I told them. Ha, I was embarrassed by that and yet, it makes sense. It is organic (so it won’t harm us), it cleans my kiddos (I do use it too) and it cleans the bath at the same time. I have NEVER had to clean soap scum in my bath!!! NEVER!!!! Which is nice because I don’t have time to do that anyway and then I don’t have to worry about chemicals left around the tub and then the kids soaking in them.

image image

We (I mean my husband, lol) just put some Basic H in the pressure washer and got to work. It took of ALL the disgusting stuck on bug poop too and that stuff is was caked on and is usually hard to remove!



















So, that’s how we wash our house chemical free! Oh, we also saved a whole lot of money by doing this ourselves and by using Basic H.

Do you wash the outside of your home?

How often?

Do you hire someone?

Do you need to clean your outside again?

Are you looking like the haunted house of your neighborhood?

Do the bugs like your house or stay away?

check out basic H2 cleaning concentrate!!

Have a great day! 🙂


The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s that time again….Spring Cleaning time!!!! Even though I clean my house regularly, every year I go through the whole house like a crazy person and clean and organize EVERYTHING!!! And then, somehow after a year (or less) it looks … Continue reading

The 7 Day Raw Food Challenge


What to Eat:

UNLIMITED fresh raw fruit
UNLIMITED fresh raw vegetables
2 ½ – 3 quarts water – can be in the form of herbal non-caffeinated tea

Graze all day – at least every two hours

Drink LOTS of water

What NOT to Eat:

ž Fried Foods
ž Cooked Foods
ž Sugar – juice, wine, beer, alcoholic beverages
ž Artificial Sweeteners
ž Break, crackers, cookies, muffins, bagels, pasta
ž MEAT, fish, eggs or cheese
ž Milk
ž Protein Shakes
ž Dried Fruit, Chips
ž Soda and cola drinks
ž *Limit seltzer to 10 ounces/ day


ž Alfalfa tabs
ž Herb Lax
ž Liver DTX
ž Optiflora ProBiotic

Daily Regimen

ž 10 Alfalfa tabs
-5 in morning
-5 at night
ž 2-4 Herb Lax before bed*
ž 3 Liver DTX AM
-1 in morning
-2 with dinner
ž 1 Optiflora ProBiotic pearl

*start with 2 Herb Lax for 1-2 days then move to 3
Use 3 Herb Lax for 1-2 days before moving to full serving.


Blend until chunky: Watermelon, fresh or frozen organic berries, apple, orange, any fruit
*Limit bananas to ½ per day

During morning and afternoon

Carry a bag of pre-washed cut up fruit and veggies. Can dip in mustard or fresh salsa.


Have a bowl of gazpacho

Snack all afternoon


Make a HUGE salad of 3-4 assorted dark greens, 4-5 raw veggies, ½ avocado
Dress with 1 ½ Tbsp. of full fat salad dressing. (any kind except Ranch)


How TO Clean Your Carpets Naturally

How I clean the carpet:

Take everything out of the room. I left a couple of things in but all the little things came out.

Vacuum with a clean vacuum. Make sure to empty the canister or bag to get the best suction.

Fill up my carpet cleaner machine with natural cleaners. I use Shaklee’s Organic Basic H, Basic G and Nature Bright. They are non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about what chemicals are on the carpet that your kids play on all day. Did you know that carpet cleaners are some of the fumes to inhale? I use Organic Basic H to wash the carpet (about 1 T per gallon), Basic G to disinfect the carpet (about 1 T per gallon) and Nature Bright to bright dull carpet if needed (several scoops depending on your carpet – if you use this make sure to rinse well and vacuum after dry).


(picture from back of Nature Bright)


Let the carpet dry. I don’t let anyone go in the room for several hours but it is usually dry after an hour.







Dust all furniture and put back. Remember do not put back any clutter. This might be a good time to simplify! Only put back the essentials!

Enjoy your fresh, clean carpet!

How often do you clean your carpet?