Crazy For Cloth Diapers: Part 3 (Our Laundry Routine)


The third part of this series is going to be all about how we clean our diapers. Now like I said in the intro to this series, most people turn their noses up at cloth diapering just because of this part of it.

Here are some great quotes that we have received from anti cloth diaper parents…….”gross” ………”O…M…G you do NOT seriously do that?!?!”………”doesn’t that give your babies a rash?”………”I’m sure it costs more in water than savings on diapers”…………and my all time favorite……..,”what do you do when they start have human poop?!”.

Most people keep their diapers in a wet bag (I will post a link later) in between washing. We wash every other day. You can go longer if you have more diapers but I would not suggest going longer than every 3 days. As of right now I do a rinse, set my washer to heavy load with extra rinse, then I do another rinse. Why so many rinses? Well I’ve tried every which way to do less but I think it comes down to the fact that I have a front loader washer. I have heard time and time again and read in many cloth forums that The top loaders are way better for cloth diapering. It’s because these front loaders are so energy-efficient and don’t allow enough water for rinsing. Such is life and of course we have to deal with it. For detergent we use Shaklee concentrated powder I’ve done everything I can to use the recommended detergent from bum genius but sorry dude, it just doesn’t work. I know the Shaklee works amazing. I also add a capful of Shaklee Basic G ( . This is their germicide. I use this in place of the bleach that is recommended for stripping the cloth diapers. I then take the diapers out and hang them on a clothes hanger that my sweet hubby made me. Sigh…… know you are a true cloth diapering mama when you get excited and giddy at the sight of all your diapers clean and hanging. It’s even better in the summer when I hang them in the sun (I will do another post about washing and how I hang my diapers in the sun).
So that’s pretty much it. I always do the load at night when I’m making dinner and I get them hung before bed so they’re dry all night.

Valentine’s Day ~ How do you celebrate your sweetie?


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!! What are you doing for your sweetie?
This pile doesn’t look very romantic but my little sweeties and I are making a fun Valentine gift from my hubby this year. We are making him a year of dates!! Dates for him and myself without (gasp!!) the kids!!
You may have heard of this on Pinterest or other websites. I’m very excited to give it to him. Here is a list of our dates.

1. March will be dinner and beer at an Irish pub in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

2. April will be a nursery crawl through all of the great nurseries Oregon has to offer

3. May will be dinner at a fancy Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo

4. June will be dressing up nicely and wine tasting at all of the beautiful wineries Oregon has to offer

5. July will be dinner at a new fancy restaurant

6. August will be picnic in the park with ice cream after

7. September is the month we had our first date so we will have dinner at our first date spot and then some summer clearance shopping

8. October will be matinée movie and happy hour

9. November will be sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant and a walk-through fifth Street market

10. December will be Christmas shopping and dinner after

11. January will be coffee and book shopping at our local bookstore. This issomething we loved to do when we were wild and didn’t have kids!

12. February will be a brewery tour. Eugene has some of the best breweries aside from Portland and Bend and I feel like we have been missing out!!
Most of the dates probably sound pretty standard to you and not that exciting, but for your mama and daddy who don’t get out alone much, this will be heaven I’m so excited that our boys are part of making it. I’ve made it into an art project by having a theme. Each month we have cut out different shapes like a pumpkin for October and a cloud for April (because of course in the Pacific Northwest it’s always raining) and a wine bottle for the wine tasting month. It will be so fun to give to daddy since the boys had a ball helping.
We have a tradition every Valentine’s Day where we stay home and eat steak and lobster and ever since our oldest was born he’s involved in the process too. Its just such a fun tradition that we’ve kept and saves money in the long run.

So that’s what we’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day what will you and your sweetie be doing?

Crazy for Cloth Diapering Part 1: Brand and Style


So to start this series off I will talk about the brand and style that we use. We use (get a pen this is a long one) Bumgenious All in One Freetimes. Wow! Say that 5 times fast!!

Let me begin by saying that I adore and (at times) despise this style all at once. You can’t go wrong with the Bumgenious brand but the Freetimes do take a little longer to dry.

As seen in the pictures above, they consist of the diaper shell and two “no stuff” liners that are sewn in!! It makes things so much easier for quick changing, day care, and reluctant grandparents. I love that you can fold the liners (see stitched lines) to make more absorbency where it’s needed. So it works great for boys and girls.

You can’t go wrong with any all in one diaper. No stuffing, no extra pieces to keep together, and just so simple.

They claim to fit babies from 8-35 pounds but I have to say they didn’t fit either of my babies until they were around 10 pounds. It’s literally 3 easy snaps on the front for sizing. I need idiot proof and these have for sure  accommodated me in that area :). I have tried other one size diapers where you have to sinch and button and measure and I just don’t have the time or patients for that.

Like I said, over all I love these diapers and wouldn’t go with anything else. My only complaint is that they literally take an entire night to dry. In the dryer they will be done in a normal cycle but I always hang dry my diapers so they last longer. (I will do another post on my wash schedule)

The only time I have had to deal with a leak is when it’s time to go up in size. Then I just change the snaps and there are no more leaks.

Now let’s talk about building your stash!! I had experience with bum genious before so I knew I wanted to go with this brand. I also knew I had to have all in one and I wasn’t willing own and entire stash of 3 different sizes of diapers so I also knew I needed one size. I ordered 24 and that has been the perfect amount for me. Some people do more but they go longer between washes and enjoy buying different designs.

Speaking of……..there are some adorable designs out there so it can be easy to get out of control with that. Maybe it’s because I have boys? Or because I’m kind of a minimalist? I just don’t get into buying every cute design out there. Come talk to me if our next baby is a girl and it may be a different story 🙂

So there you have it. My opinion of a great cloth diaper. Please do tons of research before buying. I look at buying cloth as an investment. You need it to be the perfect fit for your family and life.

Crazy for Cloth Diapers


To cloth or not to cloth?? That is the question most crunchy mamas to be ask themselves when they start the baby planning process.

Wether you choose all out cloth diapering, part time cloth diapering, organic/all natural disposables or regular disposables, it all comes down to one thing. What works best for your family and the time you have together. Because in the end, cloth diapering does take time (I feel like it doesn’t take much but other families may disagree).

We are crazy for cloth diapers in our house but people wouldnt really know it if they didn’t read this post. Sadly anytime I have ever talked about it, most people turn their noses up with an “eeeeewww” or “that’s gross” or “wow you have time for that” or my most favorite “what do you do when they start having human poop”. Um……..aren’t they humans from the beginning?

So im here to hopefully answer any questions the new mama may have and to reassure you that the “human” poop isn’t much worse than the baby poop.

In this 4 part series I will cover

1. The brand and style we love and use.

2. How much money will I save?

3. Our wash routine

4. How Eco friendly is cloth diapering?

Stay tuned for the down and dirty (well mine are clean) on cloth diapering.