Getting Ready For Garden Season!!


I am so excited that Garden Season 2015 is here!! I am way late but have finally made my seed list and collected all of the seeds that I already have. We are so excited to be trying some new things this year.

First we will be trying out this awesome Ipad App called Garden Plan Pro. It helps you design your garden no matter how big or small. You can even design your entire property (which is what we are doing for our little homestead).

It’s really awesome because it only allows you to place veggies where there is room to grow!! one of our biggest mistakes last year (boy do we always make mistakes in the garden) was over crowding.

You can also set your grid up for square foot gardening if your into that as well

Here is a picture of what we are doing this year.


So we have a ton of stuff to do this weekend!!

We have to move some fruit trees that we planted last year. Yeah, the power company paid us a visit and said they were too close to the line. Did I mention we make a lot of mistakes in the garden??

We, well the husband, has to build green house covers for our beds.

And we have to put in 4 more beds!! Yes!! I’m so excited we are growing our garden!! it seems like every garden season since we moved here 3 years ago, I’ve either been pregnant or had a new baby!! So I’ve only ever gardened out of 4 4X8 beds and 2 4X4 beds.

I will be sure to keep you guys updated on garden progress as well as what we are growing and the results and mistakes (don’t forget we make lots of mistakes!!) to hopefully help you learn for your garden!!

So Happy Spring (or soon to be)

What are you doing to prepare for your garden?