Valentine’s Day ~ How do you celebrate your sweetie?


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!! What are you doing for your sweetie?
This pile doesn’t look very romantic but my little sweeties and I are making a fun Valentine gift from my hubby this year. We are making him a year of dates!! Dates for him and myself without (gasp!!) the kids!!
You may have heard of this on Pinterest or other websites. I’m very excited to give it to him. Here is a list of our dates.

1. March will be dinner and beer at an Irish pub in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

2. April will be a nursery crawl through all of the great nurseries Oregon has to offer

3. May will be dinner at a fancy Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo

4. June will be dressing up nicely and wine tasting at all of the beautiful wineries Oregon has to offer

5. July will be dinner at a new fancy restaurant

6. August will be picnic in the park with ice cream after

7. September is the month we had our first date so we will have dinner at our first date spot and then some summer clearance shopping

8. October will be matinée movie and happy hour

9. November will be sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant and a walk-through fifth Street market

10. December will be Christmas shopping and dinner after

11. January will be coffee and book shopping at our local bookstore. This issomething we loved to do when we were wild and didn’t have kids!

12. February will be a brewery tour. Eugene has some of the best breweries aside from Portland and Bend and I feel like we have been missing out!!
Most of the dates probably sound pretty standard to you and not that exciting, but for your mama and daddy who don’t get out alone much, this will be heaven I’m so excited that our boys are part of making it. I’ve made it into an art project by having a theme. Each month we have cut out different shapes like a pumpkin for October and a cloud for April (because of course in the Pacific Northwest it’s always raining) and a wine bottle for the wine tasting month. It will be so fun to give to daddy since the boys had a ball helping.
We have a tradition every Valentine’s Day where we stay home and eat steak and lobster and ever since our oldest was born he’s involved in the process too. Its just such a fun tradition that we’ve kept and saves money in the long run.

So that’s what we’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day what will you and your sweetie be doing?